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Tianjin’s “new” urban affairs丨Revitalize the stock and exchange for increment-Activate the “restart” password of idle assets-Scrolling-China Engineering Network

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Tianjin’s “New” Urban Affairs丨Revitalize the stock in exchange for increment—activate the “restart” password of idle assets

“I just obtained the ‘Construction Land Planning Permit’ in the morning and the ‘Pile Foundation Construction Permit’ in the afternoon. This speed is really unprecedented!” Speaking of “starting construction as soon as we got the land” a month ago, TEDA Chengtou Nanmenwai Street The person in charge of the urban renewal project in the northern area is still very excited.

According to reports, the urban renewal project in the northern area of the Nanmenwai Street Business District of TEDA Urban Investment, located in Heping District, Tianjin, creatively realized the “simultaneous issuance of four certificates” on the day the land contract was signed, and successively obtained the “Construction Land Planning Permit” The “Construction Project Planning Permit”, “Pile Foundation Construction Permit” and “Quality and Safety Supervision Registration” have become the first non-industrial project in Tianjin that can “start construction immediately after receiving the land”. From “project filing” to obtaining ” The entire process of “Construction Permit” took only 7 working days, setting a new “fastest record” for engineering construction project approval and carrying out a breakthrough practice for the reform of engineering construction projects.

TEDA Urban Investment’s urban renewal project in the northern area of Nanmenwai Street will demolish the original Jinyao Plaza Building AB and build a new TEDA Hisense Shopping Center and 40,000 square meters of office buildings to revitalize Nanshi’s traditional historical, cultural and tourism blocks to create international consumption With the goal of building a central city demonstration area, we strive to build a complex neighborhood integrating culture, tourism, commerce, and residence. At the same time, the old community will be upgraded, the idle Laojiuzhang Silk and Satin Village will be revitalized, the shortcomings in infrastructure will be supplemented, a new primary school will be built, and more than 1,300 parking spaces will be added.

Tianjin has already had successful cases of “restarting” idle assets.

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In May 2023, Tianjin Heping Impression City officially opened. In just one week, the passenger flow exceeded 400,000, the sales revenue exceeded 14 million yuan, and the first store accounted for more than 60%, effectively stimulating the vitality of the Jinjie Heping Road business district.

For Tianjin people, “Golden Street” embodies the memories of several generations. Heping Impression City is located at the west entrance of Heping Road, Jin Street, Heping Road Commercial Pedestrian Street, Heping District. It was transformed from four vacant buildings of the original Wal-Mart, Wanda Cinema, Parkson Shopping Mall, and Gome Electric Appliances.

The four buildings of Heping Impression City are old, independent, and different in size. They have complex internal circulation lines and are extremely difficult to renovate. They are benchmarks in the domestic commercial market. The team carried out drastic demolition of the original property, and while ensuring the safety factor of the building itself remained unchanged, successfully introduced key business formats with ideal positioning, such as nightclubs, theaters and other unique experience formats that are rare in Tianjin, curatorial spaces, and urban New consumption forms such as cities and the new generation of “big markets” have also been applied to various buildings, completely iterating from traditional products to forms that can adapt to contemporary consumption logic and meet the consumption needs of young groups.

Sleeping land “comes to life” and idle assets “generate gold”. Tianjin is revitalizing a number of inefficient and idle stocks, turning these “hidden corners” from “grey” to “bright”, which not only makes up for the shortcomings of insufficient urban development space, but also creates a healthy and comfortable living environment for the city, in exchange for the city’s high Incremental quality development.

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“In the next step, we will continue to promote the revitalization of idle assets, accelerate the renovation, repair and utilization of existing buildings, adhere to the overall planning and ‘one floor, one policy’ approach to promote the commercial revitalization of idle buildings, and increase the integration of cultural and tourism resources. Explore the use of inefficient resources in traditional commercial blocks, commercial complexes and surrounding areas, promote the implementation of new scenarios and new business formats, and form a number of commercial vitality areas with distinctive themes to lead consumption upgrades.” Deputy Director of the Urban Renewal Division of Tianjin Housing and Urban-Rural Development Commission Wei Haijun said.

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