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Tianjiu Group: Accelerating the growth of innovative enterprises and assisting the transformation of traditional enterprises_Development

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Original Title: Tianjiu Group: Accelerating the Growth of Innovative Enterprises and Facilitating the Transformation of Traditional Enterprises

On November 15, the Beijing Stock Exchange officially opened. From the announcement of the establishment in early September to the official opening of the market, it was only 74 days after the opening day, and 81 stocks were produced on the first day of the market opening, again demonstrating the “speed of China”. The Beijing Stock Exchange is an important node in the reform of China’s capital market, which means that the development of inclusive finance in the capital market has entered a new stage. pattern.

The Beijing Stock Exchange was officially inaugurated and opened on November 15 (Source: Xinhua News Agency)

He Qiang, a professor at the School of Finance of Central University of Finance and Economics and director of the Securities and Futures Research Institute, said: “Beijing Stock Exchange is an exchange dedicated to small and medium-sized enterprises, especially innovative small and medium-sized enterprises. , Has drawn a very satisfactory end to our multi-level capital market. “The implication is that the development speed and development needs of my country’s small and medium-sized innovative enterprises have both entered a new stage, and the Beijing Stock Exchange is urgently needed to provide targeted empowerment and acceleration. The platform, based on the industrial planning of various industries, has carried out in-depth capital deployment to help small and medium-sized enterprises to leverage more front-end refined markets, and enable Chinese innovative enterprises to accelerate their development towards high-quality development.

Innovative enterprises have become the backbone of my country’s economic development

Small and medium-sized enterprises are the main force of my country’s economic innovation, which can directly prove the speed and quality of China’s innovation to a certain extent. According to the “Securities Daily” report, since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, my country’s market players have undergone substantial expansion, from 55 million in 2012 to 144 million, and the activity level has stabilized at around 70%; the OECD is also in the latest one. It is predicted in the “Global Economic Outlook Report” that China’s economy will maintain a steady recovery. The economic growth rate in 2021 and 2022 is expected to reach 8.5% and 5.8%, both higher than the global growth level. This means that the future situation of my country’s economic development has become mature and stable, and the ability of small and medium-sized enterprises to withstand pressure and re-innovate has also reached new heights.

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Even with the rapid development of the national economy and the booming market economy, small and medium-sized enterprises are also faced with difficulties in development, innovation, and growth. This requires the government, society, and other commercial organizations to open up accelerated channels from the outside to the inside.

To help innovative enterprises accelerate their development and facilitate the rapid transformation of traditional enterprises requires not only concentrated planning at the government level, but also enterprises with rich social resources, capital resources, entrepreneurial resources, and an international forward-looking vision, to achieve high quality in China’s small and medium-sized innovative enterprises In the journey of development, we will demonstrate the corporate responsibility as a market entity and the responsibility of large enterprises with pragmatic actions.

Tianjiu Sharing Helps Innovative Enterprises Build an Accelerated Development Ecosystem

As a global enterprise empowerment platform based on the big data of millions of entrepreneurs, Tianjiu Sharing provides a full range of smart solutions for the development of innovative enterprises through the “big sharing” business model and the “customization + specialization” service method. Create a development environment, build a hotbed of innovation, and help innovative companies achieve efficient and accurate matching of resources and needs. Today, Tianjiu Sharing is accelerating more than 300 innovative companies.

In July of this year, Tianjiu Sharing and Hurun Report jointly launched the “2021 China Gazelle Enterprise·Future Unicorn Selection”, and creatively created the “China Innovative Enterprise Acceleration Plan” during the road show stage, dedicated to innovation Enterprises provide richer business resources to empower innovative small and medium-sized enterprises in depth. The “China Innovative Enterprise Growth Acceleration Plan” can be used to achieve faster and higher-quality implementation and advancement. Taking the North, Shanghai and Shenzhen as a model and leading, and constantly improving The rapid development of innovative enterprises in large regions adds strong momentum.

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“China’s Innovative Enterprise Growth Acceleration Plan” was officially launched in Beijing on September 15

The “China Innovative Enterprise Growth Acceleration Plan” relies on the Tianjiu Sharing Innovation Enterprise Acceleration Platform, and unites the forces of “industry, academic, research, capital, and enterprise” to build an acceleration alliance and gather hundreds of millions of capital resources, aiming to serve as an innovative enterprise Create a full-chain service system that is in line with China’s national conditions and continues to support innovation and development. At present, Tianjiu Sharing has completed the growth acceleration plan of China’s innovative enterprises covering Beijing-Shanghai-Shenzhen, and cooperated with the establishment of the three major financial centers of “Shanghai, Shenzhen and North”, forming a government-to-society “one south and one north, across the Yangtze River Delta”. The new situation of the “Pearl River Delta” will jointly give a deeper and stronger impetus to the development of China’s innovative enterprises.

Ge Jun, the global CEO of Tianjiu Sharing, said at the launch site of the China Innovative Enterprise Growth Acceleration Plan: “Innovative enterprises are closely related to the high-quality development of the Chinese economy. How to solve the problems of the survival and development of innovative enterprises while helping the high-quality development of the Chinese economy? , Is a question that needs to be considered. This time we launched the China Innovative Enterprise Growth Acceleration Plan, which is also committed to building a service system that meets China’s national conditions and continues to support the entire chain of innovative enterprises, promotes the integration of innovation, capital, and resources, and continues to cultivate New momentum for economic development.” It is reported that the China Innovative Enterprise Acceleration Plan and the “2021 China Gazelle Enterprise·Future Unicorn Selection” will formally announce the results on December 2 in Shenzhen.

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Jack Ma once felt that the greatest joy of being an entrepreneur in China is not only the market value, not only how much profit you create, but how many related and unrelated people you can benefit throughout your life. Tianjiu Sharing is relying on empowering enterprises and win-win cooperation to accelerate a group of thriving innovative companies. Together with Tianjiu Sharing, they can fully achieve the “China speed” that they should have, break through various development bottlenecks, and embark on Suitable for their own innovative enterprise development path.Return to Sohu to see more


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