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Tiffany does have a very special pet: “He is never aggressive. Although he does have one rule”

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“In fact, it was not the intention to keep him at all,” says Tiffany Pierre (33) from the Walloon village of Laneuville, near the French border. She starts laughing spontaneously when she talks about her Oscar, an adult boar weighing at least 80 kilos. “A friend found him when he weighed barely 700 grams and was about five days old. He was in bad shape and possibly bitten by a dog. My partner Gregory and I temporarily took him into our home and cared for him.”

When Oscar was better, the couple took him to a pedagogical farm. The target? Teach him there how to survive in the wild. But the farewell was not simple. And after a week she received a phone call that Oscar was dying. “He stopped eating and missed us. We then decided to put all the administration in order to keep him in the house.”

When they went to pick him up at the farm, an emotional reunion followed. “I called his name and he immediately came running towards us. He really knows us. To him we are his parents.” Since then, Oscar has been part of the family and shares the house with Tiffany and her two bulldogs.

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Grégory Guiot and Tiffany Pierre walking with wild boar Oscar in Laneuville — © REUTERS

He also has a special bond with the dogs. “He has known my oldest dog since he was a baby. Later a small puppy was added. Oscar just thinks he’s a dog and acts like one, even to the point of need. We actually go for walks with him. When I’m gone, he just waits on his couch. He actually does that better than our dogs, and he is also cleaner.”

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Oscar also proves to be a good host when people come to visit. “If he senses that they are afraid, he tries to reassure them.” He is never aggressive. Although he does have one rule: “His seat is his seat.”

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Not for everyone, but forever

Enthusiasts who, after reading Oscar’s story, now want to bring a wild boar into their home, should put their plans aside immediately. “This is really a specific situation,” said Tiffany. “It’s not the same as bringing a dog or cat into your home. You need a lot of space and you also have to clean a lot. Oscar is also neutered, and that makes a big difference. His teeth still need to be adjusted so as not to hurt the dogs in the future.”

In addition, he eats at least two kilograms a day. “That does cost something. Fortunately, we sometimes also get leftovers from the supermarkets.” Oscar’s favorite food? “Currently it’s chicory, he really loves it.”

And believe it or not, Oscar is not fully grown yet. It will also become heavier, possibly up to 120 kilos. Yet his place in the house is assured, forever. “We are prepared for it. He’s got what he needs here. I couldn’t miss him anymore,” said Tiffany.

Video footage courtesy of L’Avenir

Tiffany on the sofa with Oscar. — © REUTERS

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