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Tiki González committed to managing asphalt between San Cristóbal and O’Leary

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Tiki González committed to managing asphalt between San Cristóbal and O’Leary

The Alto Paraná legislator approached the place of the residents’ demonstration demanding the start of the long-awaited work.

A considerable group of residents of the localities of San CristÃ3bal and Juan E. Oâ€TMleary, gathered last Monday at the O ́leary Roundabout to demand the Ministry of Public Works and Communications (MOPC) the paving of Route D065, known as Monday Street, which connects both cities. Deputy Luis “Tiki†González Vaesken approached the demonstration venue, and indicated that it is an obligation of legislators to take the claim and request of the residents of both districts to the national authorities, such as the Minister of Public Works and Communications (MOPC), Claudia CenturiÃ3n; and to the President of the Republic himself, Santiago Peña

The deputy stressed that they are fully aware that the route will lead to important development in the entire area, which is extremely productive. González Vaesken indicated that he came to make himself available, taking into account that it is their obligation, that of the authorities, to be close to the people, and he predicts that in the coming months he may be the bearer of good news, already related to the approval of the construction of the aforementioned road, he said.

Tiki explained that it is a dream that has been going on for decades and he hopes that it will have a response from the national government. “Both communities have a lot of grain production and many times because of the path they have, they cannot get their products out.â€

He recalled that there was already a commitment from the previous government to carry out this project, claimed by both localities. He announced that next week a date will be set for a meeting with the President of the Republic, Santiago Peña, to discuss the problem with the authorities of both municipalities.

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“I sent a message to the president talking about the concern of friends in that area. In principle, I commit to getting an audience with the Minister of Public Works (Claudia Centurión) so that they can talk and understand what the real situation of that route is and from there exhaust all avenues.

However, he said that the mayors of both municipalities told him that last week they already had an interview with Minister Centurión, who confirmed that unfortunately this construction project is not in the 2024 budget and that in any case it could be included for the year 2025.

“We understand that this depends on the Executive. We want to see if this year we can achieve something, see if we can do an expansion and at least do the feasibility study and complete a lot of documents that goes into repairing such an important route, for the peace of mind of the residents of both districts. and other sectors that will benefit,” he said.

The legislator announced that in this type of situation he trusts in the unity of the deputies of Alto Paraná, with whom he will seek to work as a block to achieve the budget expansion. “As I told my colleagues, we are eight deputies of the department, we represent 10% of the total of the Chamber of Deputies and senators as well, who will surely support this project. We are going to get involved, we are going to internalize ourselves and look for solutions to this problem.”

Tiki González insisted that the intention is to advance the project and accelerate the processes as much as possible, within the existing possibilities. “The idea is to try to achieve something this 2024 and that we can soon fulfill the dream of so many people who today need this path, it is a necessity, not a luxury.”

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He insisted that this is an extremely important path. “A way for them to get their products and we are sure that it will contribute to the development not only regionally, departmentally, but also to the development of the country. We are optimistic that we can have the door open and we can find a solution to this problem,†he stated.

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