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Times increasingly hard for those who raise goats: even the “don” is forced to give up

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In Voltago a question of permits, in Laste it was the “fine nose” of some parishioners who brought down the curtain

VOLTAGO. From the absence of municipal administrations, to the neighbors who complain about the smell, to the difficulty in finding suitable environments for sheltering livestock: these are hard times for goat farmers. From Voltago to Laste, two stories that recall on the one hand the need for people to manage public affairs, and on the other the question of the different sensitivities with respect to farms in the countries, whether it is roosters or goats.

The mayor who is not there

Arrived in Voltago for love, the Lombard Sergio Brenna had set up a goat farm in Le Corone, taking advantage of an existing stable and cutting the grass on the meadows he had purchased. About forty garments that he dreamed of making 100-120. «The goal», he explains, «was to take advantage of a RDP funding to build a new stable, also in“ Le Corone ”. An expense of about 600 thousand euros that I would have covered for about 50% with funds from the RDP ». But Sergio has now sold the goats that represented his full-time occupation and is a carpenter. His dream vanished and Voltago lost a farm in the area.

«I had all the papers ready to present the request for funding», Sergio says, «there was no permit to build. To have it, however, it was necessary for the Municipality to approve a variant and to transform the land from grazing to agricultural. It was certainly not speculation, since the value would have increased by just 20 cents per square meter ». Voltago, however, has been without a mayor since June 2019. For two consecutive times the quorum was not reached, partly because of the Aire, partly because of the internal rivalries of the communities.

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“Had the mayor been there,” says Brenna, “the variant would have been approved in a short time. The Prefectural Commissioner explained to me that he carries out the ordinary administration and that, although regretted, he could not approve it. I tried a second time passing through the building commission, but there was a qui pro quo between my technician and the municipal one and so the times have expired ». Sergio Brenna takes it philosophically. «It means that it was not my way», he underlines, «I must say thanks to the people of Voltago who welcomed me in a splendid way and who always helped me even in raking. I am happy that the lawns are being cleaned by local people ».

The “don” is also in the sights

For some time the goats of Brenna have shared their fate with those of Father Romeo Simonetti of Laste di Rocca Pietore. Arriving thirteen years ago, he left with a few cashmere goats. Then others were added that allowed him to produce excellent dairy products, to keep the territory clean. A few noses, however, the smell of the animals housed in a stable near the rectory began to annoy.

The result was a complaint that prompted the Municipality to invite Father Romeo to remove the goats. Those who protested had it on their side that the place where the goats were kept was not stacked for the purpose and no alternative was found. «I’m not an expert on regulations», says Mayor De Bernardin, «I certainly know that, from peasants, we have become citizens living in the mountains who are now annoyed by the smell of goats and cows and manure in the meadows. .. “. –

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