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Tips for organizing a workflow – EntornoIntelligente

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Tips for organizing a workflow – EntornoIntelligente

Organization and productivity are two very necessary values ​​in these times and will help in the daily routine.

These days, many companies and employees use the workflow technique to accomplish their tasks. But what usually happens is that many times it is not used correctly, which is why the effectiveness of this tool is lost. In the whirlwind of these times, companies face the challenge of doing more and more in less time and that is why So we will see some tips to improve and organize the workflow.

Workflow: organization is the first step

Planning and organization are two of the pillars to improve workflows. In that sense, making an online timeline is presented as a more than interesting option. Timelines are used to visually represent the steps of an event or process in chronological order. They facilitate information and are popularly used in project management, profiles, business presentations and teaching.

The workflow is developed based on automation and from it it is possible to connect all the different processes and employees of a company; and in this way everything works under a pre-established order.

If we take into account that organization contributes to productivity, this tool can be useful as long as it is used correctly. Of course, to carry it out it is necessary to have resolved many other aspects of the day-to-day life of the company that will result in a better version of your work.

Ultimately, what this article is looking for is to find the best tips and tools to improve the workflow. Something that can usually be linked to technology, but as we will see below, that tool is not always necessary to improve our workflow.

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Below we will see a review of some tips that have nothing to do with technological tools but that, if put into practice, will help us achieve the desired results.

Tips to improve your daily workflows

Do the hardest thing first

Whenever we are overwhelmed with work, with meetings, with delivery dates, the important thing for better fluidity is that we organize ourselves and solve the most difficult tasks first. Once you’re done with the hard part, you can focus on the rest with a calm, clear mind.

The importance of rest

Surely we all know that it is important to have a clear head to make decisions and perform our tasks well, but there are few who really put it into practice. Taking breaks will automatically improve your daily workflows because it will clear your mind and help you maintain greater concentration.

To optimize this rest and not result in a loss of productivity, it is key to know that the break should not last more than one hour. The secret to taking breaks to improve your daily workflows is to keep them short: a 20-30 minute break is more than enough to clear your mind.

Put the phone aside

Concentration at work is vital and today we know that phones are the main cause of this loss of attention. They are a huge distraction in every way possible: taking photos, checking social media, receiving and writing text messages, calls, and more. According to a study, the average time that people spend on their social networks is three hours a day. If this period occurs during a work day, we would be wasting almost half of the time on something very unproductive.

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Dile no al multitasking

For the common people, those who multitask are considered to have excellent skills: the more tasks you can perform at the same time, the better. However, it is proven that multitasking is one of the main causes of inefficiency at work. Scientists say that the brain will work better and faster by doing one task at a time, and your results will improve too.

Short and productive meetings

Long meetings are an ordeal for everyone, especially those that come out of nowhere interfering with your team’s time. Optimizing time and ordering daily meetings are another good example of an inefficient workflow. If everyone already has their assigned tasks, and a delivery date has been established, there is no need to have a daily meeting to verify. It is very positive that the meetings are only for specific topics, in exceptional cases and that they last a very short time.

If you want to be successful in your company, if you want to become a successful entrepreneur, then you need to understand the importance of improving your workflow: workflows help automate and gain efficiency in all departments of your company; minimizing errors and increasing productivity.

The importance of improving workflow will undoubtedly be reflected in better income. But also in a better work environment. Employees will work better, the organization will become simpler, making decisions will be easier, and tasks will take less time to complete. It can be achieved, you just have to keep these tips in mind and start putting them into practice.

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