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Tlc, Agcom: mobile market remains highly concentrated, North-South structural differences on fixed network data

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Tlc, Agcom: mobile market remains highly concentrated, North-South structural differences on fixed network data

«The mobile telephony market is confirmed as highly concentrated from a competitive point of view. Three operators, Tim, Vodafone and Wind Tre, with relatively similar shares, around 30%, represent just under 90% of the market. However, it should be noted that, in 2021, Vodafone and Wind Tre lost 2.2% percentage points in favor of Iliad and the so-called Mvno, the virtual mobile operators, which recorded an overall increase in turnover of 8.3% compared to to 2020 “. This is what we read in the Agcom annual report, presented to the Chamber by President Giacomo Lasorella.

Agcom, on fixed network data North-South structural differences

«In the fixed network market, the growth trend of data traffic is confirmed, registering + 15.9% compared to 2020» however «some structural differences remain between the various macro-areas of the country. In the North-West and in the Center, the diffusion of accesses with speeds greater than 100 Mbit / s is higher than the national average, while in the South and in the Islands the values ​​are decidedly lower ».

Agcom, big tech revenues are flying, 1.1 trillion in 2021

«The value of the revenues realized on a worldwide scale by the main platforms continues to grow. In 2021, the revenues achieved by the top five operators increased by 24%, exceeding € 1,100 billion, and these consolidate the top positions in all sectors of activity in which they are present “added Lasorella, recalling that” the platforms recorded, on a global scale, between 2012 and 2021, an average annual growth and a net margin of around 16%, as well as a significant growth in revenues which, in the past year, exceeded that of the 2019 “.

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Signs of recovery in the media sector

In the media sector, 2021 «shows signs of recovery after the strongly negative results of 2020. However, we continue to witness a generalized decline in revenues which – in the last five years – exceeded one billion euros, albeit in the presence of a significant increase in revenues for the video on demand segment ». “The changed consumption habits of users – he said again – are reflected in the decisions taken by advertisers in favor of online platforms and this translates into a decline in revenues that affects both television, in particular pay satellite television, and paper. printed, now in structural crisis for over ten years “. “Despite the evolution of the sector – said Lasorella -, the increase in advertising revenues attributable to all media was such as to offset the decline recorded in 2020 and, albeit with a reduction of over 800 million compared to 2019, this rise translates into an increase in total sector revenues of € 11.4 billion (+ 2.5% in 2021) “

Lasorella: ferment season in the EU on the digital sector

The Agcom president, in the course of the Authority’s annual report to the Chamber, added that the new European Commission “has opened a season of great ferment and great regulatory innovation in the digital sector, which has in the Digital Markets Act and the Digital Services Act, recently dismissed by the European institutions, its fundamental pillars, but which consists of a series of further regulatory interventions in progress, which the Authority monitors with great attention ».

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