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To ‘bless’ the stages for the National Games

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To ‘bless’ the stages for the National Games

Julian Andres Santa

In the month of November of this year, the National Games will take place in the Coffee Axis, the most important sports event in the country and which generated a whole party when the three coffee departments won the headquarters for their organization. However, in recent months that joy has become concern, noting the slowness and little progress in the remodeling works in the sports venues that will be used in these fairs.

toured the stages

Taking into account this concern of the sports sector, the representative of Risaralda Juliana Enciso, who since last year has taken the spokesperson and leadership in the company of other of her colleagues from the Departmental Assembly, made a tour to learn about the current state of the sports venues that will be intervened and that, almost eleven months after its start, still do not register the expected progress.

The visit to the venues leaves me very concerned because first, the National Games were requested to have new sports infrastructure and we were very hopeful in the Multipurpose Coliseum because of all the works, that was the only new one that was going to be held in Risaralda. Today we see that they do not have the resources for it”.

Lesser Coliseum Concept

In the visit to the stages that we already have but that must be remodeled, in what has to do with the Minor Coliseum, I am concerned about the times for all the work that has to be done, the intervention especially on the roof . We are talking about 10 months, which is what is left for the National Games”.

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About the Major Coliseum

There have been several difficulties, the stage as such cannot be touched from the outside because it is a patrimonial structure and as we clearly saw, it is in very poor condition. The times are a little more flexible for the completion of the sports scenario ”.

Villa Aquatic Complex

The Olympic swimming pools, being a work that is typical of Pereira, that is the most critical in times, so the new pool will be made for the diving modality, the demolition of the stands to build a new grandstand, I don’t know if the times are going to give ”.

Multipurpose Coliseum

You have to think of a plan B so as not to let them take futsal to another department. For its part, the archery scenario is very advanced, I don’t know if the time is less than the others and tennis that we were reviewing, the tower that they are going to make central, also worries me about the times ”.

More leadership has been lacking

Now the most important thing is that the Ministry of Sports leads the National Games, it cannot be led only by the Coffee Region, it must be hand in hand, that they help us with the resources, that they help us with all this accompaniment and also start now to look at what plan B is so that they do not take away any sport modality, here we have scenarios in La Virginia, in Dosquebradas, which can be adapted for any modality that is in danger of leaving Risaralda”.

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Minister will be in Manizales

Tomorrow we will be accompanying a commission from Risaralda, Minister María Isabel Urrutia will be in Manizales and it would be very good to ask her what has happened with that sports implementation that is needed for the National Games and we want to be clear about that because it is not only thinking about the infrastructure, but all that sports equipment,” said deputy Juliana Enciso.

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