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To fight the epidemic together, Country Garden Fujian is in action! _Industrial Economy_Finance_CICC Online

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Xiamen, a super tourist city, was supposed to be during the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day, but in the past 20 days it has become a place of concern for the whole country.

On September 12, a visitor to Xiamen, Wu Mou, was found to be positive for the new crown nucleic acid in Tongan District, Xiamen. So far, an anti-epidemic battle has started in Xiamen.

On October 7th, Xiamen City held a press conference on epidemic prevention and control. It was notified that since September 23rd, Xiamen has no new local confirmed cases found in the community for 14 consecutive days. From 21 o’clock on October 7th, there are no medium and high-risk areas in the city, and the epidemic prevention and control has achieved phased victory.

As a company with social responsibility in this battle against the epidemic, Country Garden has been acting silently, and Country Garden’s party member representatives have been struggling at the forefront of the fight against the epidemic.

Practicing the mission of party members and fighting the forefront of the epidemic

Since September 12, Xiamen has carried out multiple rounds of nucleic acid testing for all employees, and there is an urgent need for a large number of medical staff and volunteers. Country Garden Xiamen regional party members are not afraid of the heat and risks, and actively participate in the nucleic acid testing of Dianqian Street, Huli District. And Zheng Yuke, a representative of party members who has just entered the workplace, said, “You can’t go home during the National Day holiday, so do something meaningful.” The virus is ruthless, and there are always representatives of party members in the places where they are most needed, to Comrade Xiao Zheng. like.

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Passing on the positive energy of epidemic prevention from door to door

Shi Yongcheng is the deputy general manager of the project of Country Garden West Lake Impression. He also appeared on the front line when the epidemic was high and at the most dangerous time. In late September, in response to the call of the Longwen District of Zhangzhou City to become a positive energy “ambassador” to “sweep the buildings and the streets”, go door to door to carry out epidemic prevention investigations, prevention and control key points, etc., Mr. Shi said that so many buildings have been built in this life , “Sweeping the building” is the first time.




Complete the nucleic acid collection of 720 people in 3.5 hours

In the Longqin Bay of Country Garden, Putian, Fujian, due to the severe epidemic situation and the shortage of medical staff, the Country Garden Longqin Bay project completed the nucleic acid collection of about 720 residents of the community in 3.5 hours. After the test, the property personnel wearing protective clothing took off the protective clothing and were already sweaty. The community nucleic acid testing work was also highly praised by the government departments and the owners.

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Practicing the spirit of being good to people and good to society

Since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in early 2020, Country Garden and Guoqiang Charity Foundation responded immediately and gave full play to their own advantages. They donated 200 million yuan to set up a fund to fight the new crown epidemic. Various parties purchased urgently needed anti-epidemic materials and shipped to the front line, and sent medical staff and volunteers. The company provides high-tech catering equipment to directly support the front-line anti-epidemic work, which truly embodies Country Garden’s corporate mission of “hoping that society will become better because of our existence” and its corporate spirit of “being good for people and society”.

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