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To prison involved in the theft of hydrocarbons in Casanare and Boyacá – news

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To prison involved in the theft of hydrocarbons in Casanare and Boyacá – news

The Secretary of Education, Elided Ofelia Niño Paipa, highlighted, exalted and thanked the work done by the department’s teachers, who once again leave Boyacá education on high, occupying first place in Basic and Secondary Education compared to 32 departments and Bogota.

This is one of the indicators that is part of the great Departmental Competitiveness Index in the year 2023. It is noteworthy that this index measures 32 departments and Bogotá in whose general measurements Boyacá ranked tenth.

The Departmental Competitiveness Index developed by the Private Competitiveness Council and the Universidad del Rosario, where three competitiveness factors are taken into account: Basic Conditions, Efficiency and Sophistication, and Innovation.

The Department of Boyacá, in the 2023 report, ranked tenth among the 32 departments and the city of Bogotá DC, where some changes are presented in the nine pillars of the Index. Among the pillars that are taken into account are: Institutions, infrastructure, ICT adoption, Environmental Sustainability, Health, Basic and Secondary Education, Business Environment, Labor Market and Innovation.

In what corresponds to the part of Education, the Basic and Secondary pillar, since 2015 the department of Boyacá ranked first until 2017, in 2018 and 2019 second place, in the 2020 report and 2021 (a pandemic report) recovered first place, to continue with 2022 and in 2023 also with first place, said the Secretary of Education.

In the report for the year 2020 and 2021, the Basic and Secondary Education pillar occupies Boyacá in first place. “Boyacá presents its best performance in the indicators of net coverage in secondary education and net coverage in secondary education, in which it is located in first place,” says the report.

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In the IDC report of the year 2023 in the “The basic and secondary education pillar is led by Boyacá, with a score of 8.23, followed by Santander, with a score of 7.96, and Quindío, with 7.52 . Boyacá obtained an outstanding result in almost all the indicators of the pillar. In nine of the ten indicators that make it up, it achieves scores higher than 7.6 out of 10, occupying the first position in three of them: net coverage in secondary education, net coverage in secondary education and teachers from public schools with postgraduate degrees”, highlights the IDC report year 2023.

According to the last three reports, in the Basic and Secondary Education pillar, Boyacá has been occupying the first place among all the departments of Colombia and also ranking above Bogotá DC due to the diversity of strategies implemented by the Ministry of Education and the Education Secretariats. of Tunja, Duitama, Sogamoso and the Boyacá Certified Territorial Entity. A special effort has been made to work on the continuous improvement of educational quality, placing great emphasis on the permanent updating of all inputs that affect educational processes.

Source: Government of Boyacá

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