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Today 105,000 students return to classes in Meta – news

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Today 105,000 students return to classes in Meta – news

A new school year begins this Monday, February 6 for 105,000 students from 947 educational centers in the department, thus complying with resolution 003 of 2023 that establishes the academic calendar, issued by the Ministry of Education of the department of Meta.

The governor of Meta, Juan Guillermo Zuluaga, expressed that everything is ready for the return to school and from the team of the Secretary of Education of Meta, different institutions have been visited in order to plan and agree on topics of interest for the start of the school year.

Parents and/or guardians who are still searching for a place may formally apply for enrollment, approaching the institution of their choice according to the availability and offer of each educational institution.

PAE and school transport

Regarding the School Meal Plan (PAE), Jhon Sanabria, Department of Education Secretary, assured that it will be delivered from the first calendar day, as it has been done continuously since the first day of the current government, aimed at students registered in the Integrated Enrollment System (SIMAT) of the official Educational Institutions.

The official indicated that the project will distribute about 86,000 daily rations. The educational basket is contemplated between industrialized ration and hot ration in the places where it corresponds. Additionally, the PAE is also delivered to the school residences in the department of Meta.

Regarding the school transport of students in rural areas, the Secretary of Education mentioned that, due to the adjustment in the price of fuel for this year, changes were made and the final specifications are already available, so it is expected that from the 12th of February the established routes that transport more than 11,000 children are ready, on approximately 400 routes throughout Meta.

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From the coverage management, work will continue in an articulated manner with the strategies of access and permanence in school for the children and adolescents of the department.

Source: Government of Meta

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