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Original title: Quick View of Today’s Comments | Be a Strong and Promising Youth in the New Era

On April 22, the views of domestic mainstream media aggregated:

Be a vigorous and promising new-age youth

The State Council Information Office released the white paper “Chinese Youth in the New Era” on April 21. The white paper pointed out that in this great new era, Chinese youth have displayed their bright youthful demeanor and burst out with heroic youthful passion. According to reports, this is the first white paper devoted to youth in the history of New China.

How to define the temperament and style of Chinese youth in the new era? Many people have an answer in their hearts. If you spread out these answers, you will find that there are many intersections, such as being strong, confident, mindful of the world, and responsible. Vigorousness is a precious spiritual outlook: indomitable and courageous in the face of setbacks, is vigilant; pursuing lofty ideals and deeply rooting in the feelings of the family and country is vibrancy; courageously undertaking missions and striving for success are also vigilant. Youth is for struggle, and a vigorous and promising youth is a struggle for youth. The new era has not failed the Chinese youth, nor has the Chinese youth failed the new era. Whether it is epidemic prevention and control or poverty alleviation, whether it is the Olympic Games or the rescue scene, as well as in major scientific and technological tasks such as “Heavenly Palace”, “Jiaolong” and “Chang’e”, young people can be seen.

At the same time, we must also see that the Chinese youth in the new era also have depression and hesitation, as well as worries and worries. From graduation and job hunting to innovation and entrepreneurship, from social integration to marriage and friendship, from elder support to children’s education, every issue needs to be faced and resolved. In this regard, young people need to be strong and promising, work hard to face and solve various problems, and also need the whole society to help young people get out of their confusion, help them to go into battle lightly and bravely pursue their dreams. Guangming Daily commented that this is a new era that breeds infinite possibilities, and it is also a beautiful era for young people to create a youthful family and a youthful country with their youthful self. To be a vigorous and promising young man in the new era, he will live up to the times and his youth, and the times will surely return rich gifts.

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“Rescue execution” should become a kind of judicial temperature

In the face of small and micro catering enterprises that have fallen into business difficulties due to the epidemic and owed wages to their employees, the court did not have a “stern face” in the enforcement work, did not blindly use force, and did not rigidly adopt “dead seal”, auction, and restriction measures from the very beginning. Higher coercive measures did not completely cut off the company’s survival, but adopted “living seal” measures, leaving a transition period for the company to pay off, leaving a certain living space, and even helping the company to upgrade and transform its business strategy, so that the Enterprises can “gasp”, “slow energy” and “replenish blood”. In the end, the executed enterprise turned losses into profits, got out of the predicament, and paid the wages owed in full. The court’s “salvage enforcement” came to a successful conclusion, which not only saved the enterprise, but also recovered the rights and interests of the workers.

Under the epidemic, small, medium and micro enterprises in many industries are facing operational difficulties, especially in service industries such as catering and tourism. Difficulties in business operations are prone to wage arrears, labor disputes, labor disputes, unemployment, and people’s livelihood. The enforcement work of the courts is not only a legal issue, but also a social issue. “Rescue-style enforcement” takes into account both the situation and the law, as well as legal and social effects. It also has positive meanings such as safeguarding market entities, jobs, and people’s livelihoods. It can be called a model of goodwill and civilized enforcement. Beijing Youth Daily commented that it is necessary to strengthen the concept of goodwill and civilized execution, and resolutely do not “deadly seal” properties that can be “live sealed”. While protecting the creditor’s rights of the applicant for execution, it will minimize the adverse impact on small, medium and micro enterprises, and resolutely avoid “Fix a case and destroy an enterprise”. This concept of “salvage enforcement” should become the consensus of enforcement in courts at all levels and a kind of judicial temperament.

There is no danger of “whales”, what is it that moves us?

After more than 20 hours of life and death rescue, from the initial “hope is very slim” to the later “whale” without danger, the sperm whale stranded in the outer waters of Shipu, Xiangshan, Ningbo finally returned to the sea, creating a “miracle under the rising sun”. “. “Man and nature are in harmony, and all things coexist!” “Man and nature live in harmony!” “Returning to the sea, ‘whale’ joy all the way”… Working together to save the whale moved many netizens. What inspires us? It is people’s sympathy and devotion to the creatures facing danger. In fact, whether it is the rescuers on the scene or the millions of netizens who participated in the “cloud escort”, they are in love with a stranded whale, and there is a warm current in front of the screen and behind the scenes. This is a concern for nature, awe for life, and a silent transmission of kindness and warmth.

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CCTV commented that quality is better than China, and actions are better than words. From the elephants in Yunnan that moved north to the whales rescued collectively, we can all understand that the contemporary Chinese people respect life beyond words. With great love, there is no way to stop it. Do your best to protect the creatures, every tiny action is a moving element. And the small elements come together, which also allows us to understand the amiable and lovely China.

Banks are closed for convenience and cannot be stopped

Some bank branch closures continue. A total of 2,805 bank branches are reported to be closed in 2021. The closure of some outlets is reasonable. In recent years, with the rapid development of the mobile Internet, the channels and forms of financial services have quietly changed, and many users have reduced their reliance on offline outlets. Due to operational cost considerations, banks will inevitably reduce the size of their branches. The closure of some outlets is due to individual banks’ rectification of blindly spreading their stalls. If it is understandable to say that the above two kinds of outlets are shut down, there is one kind of shutdown that needs attention and vigilance, that is, the shutdown without scientific planning and pre-judgment. The shutdown of this type of outlet accidentally hurts the actual needs, especially for elderly users. demand for offline services. It should be recognized that offline outlets are still the first or even the only choice for many elderly users—passbook withdrawals, pensions, purchase of wealth management products, etc. All these businesses require face-to-face service guidance from offline personnel.

Economic Daily commented that bank outlets can be closed, but convenience services cannot be stopped. Banks belong to the service industry. The fundamental starting point is to facilitate and benefit the people, respect and meet the actual needs of different users, coordinate offline and online service channels, and walk on two legs, not one leg is too thick and the other is too thin. First, rationally plan the layout of offline outlets. The second is to upgrade outlets and accelerate intelligent transformation. The third is to improve online service channels, especially the aging-appropriate transformation of mobile banking, such as changing the font size, simplifying service modules, and increasing exclusive customer service for elderly users, so that more elderly people can use, know how, and want to use mobile banking.

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“Schools cannot solicit donations from parents” should become a consensus

It is not unreasonable for schools to raise funds from the society to improve school conditions and educational environment, but it should be a consensus that “schools cannot raise donations from parents”. First of all, donations should be voluntary. To donate or not to donate is a citizen’s right rather than an obligation. However, if the school issues an “advocacy” to parents, then the voluntary will change, and parents may be “voluntarily” donated. Think about it, which parent would dare not respond to the school’s call and initiative? Second, if schools are allowed to initiate donations to parents, it is easy to create a contrast or even comparison effect among students. What is even more worrying is that the amount of donations by the parents of students may affect the attitude of teachers towards students, and skew the originally fair teacher love. From this perspective, it is also necessary to stop all donation initiatives for parents of students. Of course, this is not to deny all parent donations. If the student’s parents donate in the name of a social person, the school can also accept it.

The Red Net commentary believes that recently, the Ministry of Education has made repeated orders to prevent schools from collecting personal information such as parents’ positions and addresses, which is actually a wake-up call for those who want to “rely on teaching and learning”. Isn’t it another form of “relying on teaching to eat and teach” to issue donations to parents of students? Education is sacred, the campus is pure, and “forcing donations” must never happen.

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