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Together to protect housing security

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Together to protect housing security

2023-06-09 07:35:48
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Recently, the media reported many “barbaric decoration” incidents, which aroused social concern. Recently, the China Consumers Association and the China Building Decoration Association launched a special supervision public welfare action of “opposing barbaric decoration and boosting consumer confidence”. It aims to help consumers make judgments and provide information consultation services for behaviors such as tampering with load-bearing walls and changing building structures during decoration.

Buying a house is a major event in the lives of ordinary people, and decoration is not a trivial matter, and it is not a private matter of the owner’s family, but concerns the safety of all residents. The Civil Code of our country stipulates that the owner who decorates the house shall inform the property in advance and cooperate with it to conduct necessary on-site inspections. The “Regulations on Quality Management of Construction Projects” and “Administrative Measures for Residential Interior Decoration” also make it clear that the main body of the building and the load-bearing structure must not be changed without authorization during the decoration process. It can be said that these hard rules have drawn a clear red line for decoration.

There are many reasons why “barbaric decoration” occurs frequently. Some decoration companies and other operators blindly cater to the requirements of owners, greedy for profits, and take chances to engage in dangerous and illegal operations; Change the structure of the house privately, or choose the “Wild Horse Decoration Team” and unqualified decoration units to provide services to save money. In addition, judging from some cases reported by the media before, the property as the manager of the community has not played an effective management and supervision role.

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Decoration is a highly professional technical work, and it is also a complex system engineering. From preliminary design to construction installation, final acceptance, etc., problems in any link may lead to adverse consequences, especially for load-bearing walls, once demolished, it may affect the earthquake resistance of the building and even the quality of the house. This time, the China Consumers Association and the China Building Decoration Association’s special supervision public welfare action can be described as timely and necessary. On the one hand, it helps to improve consumers’ safety awareness; on the other hand, through expert inspection and evaluation, consumers are reminded to correct or stop losses in time for decoration plans that may have potential safety hazards, so as to reduce the adverse consequences of improper decoration , Contribute to safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and public safety.

Housing is the bearing space for every family to live and work in peace and contentment, and to live a better life. To live in a place to live, but also to live in peace. Standardizing decoration is not only related to the vital interests of ordinary people, but also related to the healthy and orderly development of related industries. This not only requires relevant parties to continuously improve policies and regulations, and increase supervision in accordance with the law; it also requires consumer associations, industry associations, etc. Safety red line, strictly abide by laws and regulations, and jointly protect housing safety.

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