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Tongyi joins AOKpass to test e-health passport verification | EVA Air | Tong General Hospital

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[Epoch Times, July 22, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Meiling Tang, Taichung, Taiwan) EVA Air recently launched the “Passenger Health Declaration” electronic system on Evergreen’s official website and APP, and cooperated with the AOKpass platform and medical partner MedAire. E-Health Passport verification will be implemented on the flights to and from Taipei-Los Angeles and Taipei-San Francisco on a trial basis. This measure can simplify various inspections for passengers at the airport and reduce unnecessary contact.

The staff of the Children’s Hospital assisted in connecting the people’s inspection data to the Evergreen system. (Provided by Children’s General Hospital)

AOKpass is an electronic health passport platform jointly established by the international medical organization SOS and its medical partners MedAire, the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and the General Verification Company (SGS). After the outbreak of COVID-19 (Wuhan pneumonia), AOKpass is actively developing PCR nucleic acid test reports , Digital verification of vaccination. EVA Air cooperates with airport companies in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Taoyuan. Passengers can download the AOKpass app on their personal handheld mobile devices through the App Store or Google Play before boarding the flight. For information provided in the new coronavirus pneumonia section on the official website of Vinh Airlines or in the APP, make an appointment for PCR testing.

Passengers who have completed registration can first go to the medical institution to complete the test, and store the obtained digital verification code (QR code) on their mobile phone. When checking in at the airport, they only need to provide the verification code stored in the mobile phone for the airport ground staff to scan. Interpret the authenticity of medical reports, but in order to comply with the current regulations in Taiwan and the United States, passengers must still bring a PCR nucleic acid test paper report issued by a medical institution for future reference.

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In response to the trend that cross-border passengers must prepare PCR nucleic acid test certificates in the future, Taichung Children’s General Hospital is also keeping pace with the international epidemic. In order to facilitate the convenience of people going abroad, the AOKpass electronic health passport platform is cooperating with EVA Airways, as long as they travel to and from Taipei- People on the Los Angeles and Taipei-San Francisco routes can use this electronic health passport for verification, simplifying the public’s various epidemic prevention inspections at the airport and reducing unnecessary contacts.

Tong General Hospital stated that after the public downloads the AOK pass APP, as long as they have undergone a PCR nucleic acid test (within three days) at Tong General Hospital, the relevant electronic inspection report and QR code will be stored in the public’s mobile phone AOK pass APP. Passengers can use the AOK pass for long After registering at the Rong counter and arriving at the airports of Los Angeles and San Francisco, the border quarantine officers of the two places will also scan and verify the QR code provided by the AOK pass APP to quickly determine the authenticity of the medical report.

Children’s General Hospital upholds the patient-centered service concept. After the global vaccine is promoted and popularized, countries will also resume cross-border exchanges in the past. The digital health platform is the most convenient and fast way for countries to enter the country. The Children’s Hospital keeps pace with the global trend and becomes a cooperative medical system of the AOKpass electronic health passport platform; in the future, it will also provide services in response to the expansion of air routes, hoping to allow the people to communicate smoothly internationally.

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