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Tour de France ends in Nice in 2024

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Tour de France ends in Nice in 2024

The Tour de France starts next year in Italy and ends in Nice in southern France. (Jasper Jacobs/BELGA/dpa)

The destination of the Tour de France is instead the city of Nice in southern France. That’s because of the Olympic Games. Because the Olympic Games are in Paris next year. And the games begin just days after the Tour de France.

And there is something else new: For the first time, the Tour de France starts in the country of Italy. The start is in the city of Florence. The riders only reach France on the 4th stage. On the last stage to Nice there is an individual time trial. This means: All drivers have to drive a distance of 35 kilometers as quickly as possible. The fastest rider then wins the stage.

In total, next year’s tour will be almost 3,500 kilometers long. The race runs from June 29th to July 21st. The women’s Tour de France is in August. This tour starts in the Netherlands this time.

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