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Tourism in Risaralda before the possible emergency of Nevado del Ruiz

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Tourism in Risaralda before the possible emergency of Nevado del Ruiz

The Colombian Geological Service SGC reported yesterday that the recording of rock fracturing seismicity within the volcanic edifice continues and 5000 events were recorded. The highest magnitude reached was 2.0 ML corresponding to the 8:15 pm earthquake, located 2.6 km southwest of the crater.

The coffee axis, as an important tourist destination, could be affected, although for the moment, in terms of air transport, Aerocivil confirmed that the La Nubia airports, in Manizales; the Matecaña, in Pereira and El Edén, in Armenia; They continue to operate normally, since the risk of eruption does not entail problems in the visibility of the aircraft that travel in these areas, which are safe territories in the face of ash fall.

The Secretary of Competitiveness and Development of Risaralda, Yesica Vargas, encourages that the department has not been affected so far, assures that in fact all the hot springs located in Santa Rosa de Cabal continue to operate normally, “the risk that we have is volcanic ash, the only thing that has restricted passage is the La Linda sector, on the road that leads from Santa Rosa to the Los Nevados National Park – Laguna del Otún”.

However, the community wonders if the vacation plans that they had scheduled for months for this Easter would be cancelled.
Tourism agencies in the coffee region that schedule travel packages to destinations such as Nevado del Ruiz have been affected, some contemplate significant losses for the Easter season, which generates an economic panic.

The volcano
The seismicity remains localized in the southwestern sector of the volcanic edifice at a distance from the crater of between 2.0 and 5.0 km. Additionally, the record of seismic activity related to the movement of fluids within the volcanic conduits continues, which was associated with confirmed ash emissions and degassing, the latter maintaining rates similar to those of yesterday.

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It is important to emphasize, and from now on the SGC will continue to remember it, that the activity of the volcano in orange level can fluctuate and at times decrease compared to previous days, without this meaning that the volcano has returned to a lower level of activity. .

To change the level and return to the yellow level, a prudential time is required where trends and patterns can be observed that allow us to infer the possible decrease in activity, which is why it is warned that the level of activity of the Nevado del Ruiz volcano will remain at a level orange for several weeks.

During this time, in the event of an acceleration of processes suggesting an imminent eruption or the eruption itself occurring, the activity level will be changed to red. The community is recommended to remain calm, follow the recommendations of the National Risk Management Unit and local authorities, and be attentive to the information provided by the Colombian Geological Service on the evolution of the state of the volcano.

The Colombian Geological Service will continue to be attentive to the evolution of the volcanic phenomenon and will inform opportunely about the changes that may occur.
Thus, it is important to take preventive measures:
* Use masks to avoid respiratory diseases due to ash fall.
* Keep windows and doors closed.
* Recognize safe places and evacuation routes in case of being in an area of ​​influence.

“All the reservations were canceled and we refunded the money to the clients, the losses for this season are estimated between 7 or 8 million pesos.”
Felipe Vargas travel agency Nevado del Ruiz

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