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Mohammed DRIHEM

After nine years of existence – since created on February 20, 2015 –; the Fez-Meknes Region like the major tourist destinations in the Kingdom; has just had its own Regional Tourism Council (CRT) representing all the provinces and prefectures of the Region and all the trades that are active there.
This long-awaited newborn in the Region came at the right time to put an end to this bipolarity (CRT Fés-Boulamane and CRT Meknès-Tafilalet) which has lasted too long without really responding to the great aspirations of a Region which aims to be one of the leading tourist destinations in the Kingdom, judging by its rich tangible heritage, intangible cultural heritage and natural heritage.
Indeed, the first Regional Tourism Council of the Fez-Meknes Region has just seen the light of day on Wednesday February 8, 2024 at the Palais des Congrès in the spiritual capital of the Kingdom Fez following a Constitutive General Assembly which elected to unanimity of around fifty professionals present; Mr Moulay Ahmed Sentissi as first president of the CRT of Fez-Meknes.
This first president of the CRT Fès-Meknes is one of the former players in the regional tourism sector who held the position of deputy president in charge of promotion within the CRT Fés-Boulamane within which he led several dozen operations promotion of the region, He is president of the Regional Association of Restaurateurs of Fez-Meknes and deputy president of the National Federation of Restaurateurs of Morocco.
MASentissi has organized several operations in Africa for followers of the Tariqa Tijaniya as part of the promotion of religious tourism. he contributed alongside local authorities to the establishment of the Fès-Sais air base.
The first president of the CRT of Fez-Meknes is also at the origin; of the organization of the great Morocco rally which crossed the city of Fez and generated thousands of overnight stays in the region. His experience and his constant commitment to regional tourism promotion make him a legitimate president to lead the CRT Fès-Meknes who kindly granted us this Interview:
Question: You have just been elected president of the First CRT that the Fès-Meknes region has known since its creation on February 20, 2015; Is this a birth that will put an end to this bipolarity “CRT Fés-Boulamane and CRT Meknès-Tafilalet” which has lasted too long?
MASentissi: The birth of the new CRT is historic…it is a regulatory update and compliance with the national division. For me there is no duality between bipoles but rather a complementarity. We are fortunate to have one of the most beautiful regions of Morocco, cradle of ancient and imperial cities, in addition to a hinterland rich and diversified by its nature, its national parks, its heritage, its local products, its traditions, its biodiversity, its monuments, its gastronomy….
Before continuing, I would like to thank Mr. Wali of the Fès Meknes region, the local authorities, the Minister of Tourism, her regional delegate, all the professional associations, all those who, near or far, have enabled the creation of this new advice.
This creation now makes it possible to have a council truly representative of all trades, all provinces and prefectures.
Question: What analysis do you make of the current situation of the tourism sector in the Fez Meknes Region?
MASentissi: The Fès-Meknes region is as previously stated; one of the most beautiful and richest in Morocco, its natural position is to be in the national top three. Thanks to the tremendous work of rehabilitation of our old medinas supervised by Mr. Wali on the instructions of HM the King, may God preserve him, we have a major asset from a cultural point of view to highlight. Likewise the hinterland with its parks, its diversity must be highlighted. It’s a chain. The CRT is only the armed arm of the region in charge of promotion. Once this council is installed, with the help of Mr. Wali, the ONMT, the supervisory ministry and the region’s elected officials, we will be able to begin work to meet the expectations of our professionals and our managers.
We must take our part in the national tourism roadmap and the strategy put in place. A lot of work awaits us. Several working commissions will be set up to identify gaps and strengths (animation, communication, marketing plan, aerial plan, training and continuing education, investment, local products, ecotourism, geo-parks, sports tourism, etc.) .
Each province will be visited and a global action plan will be put in place to ensure the real takeoff of our region.
Question: In your opinion, what are the most important measures the Fez-Meknes region is banking on for the revival of the tourism sector?
MASentissi: Our objectives are to reach 800,000 international tourists and a DMS of 2.5, establish an aerial and marketing plan for the region, the promotion of the various parks in the region, aid for investment, attract large international chains, help with the development of events with a dedicated calendar, developing niche products, help with entertainment which is sorely lacking in our region, the creation of a list of local products with thematic tasting circuits and gastronomic discoveries, having an increased participation in fairs and tourism shows, the organization of cultural and gastronomic weeks, creating an incentive framework for VSEs and club hotels which do not exist much here, the creation of a SDR, a festival calendar etc….
Question: How does the CRT plan to support tourist operators?
MASentissi: The CRT is a catalyst for ideas serving the region’s tourism development. It is the armed arm of international and national promotion (since we must not forget national tourism). It must be at the service of the region and its professionals
Question: An appeal to the detractors of Moulay Ahmed Sentissi “The Restaurateur” who took the reins of the CRT Fez-Meknes?
MASentissi: My message is one of openness, of tolerance, all positive, constructive people wishing to contribute to the development of regional tourism are welcome. No trade, no province or prefecture is superior or inferior to another, only competence, the desire to work for the entire region. History is friendless, it judges and will judge the skills of some and the failings of others…professionals are not fooled, everyone’s calling card is known, make way for a new generation, a new vision, a new hope for the future of a region that deserves the best. Thank you all for your trust and support
Interview Conducted by
Mohammed Drihem

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