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Touristenansturm in Lignano: “Mezzo Gas” statt “Tutto Gas”?

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Touristenansturm in Lignano: “Mezzo Gas” statt “Tutto Gas”?

Small amounts of hashish were confiscated during police checks with sniffer dogs, the authorities reported. During the controls in the city center, security officers were supported by two colleagues from Villach and two other South Tyrolean police officers. According to the emergency services, the night on Saturday was relatively quiet – the OÖN have reported.

20,000 Austrians in Lignano

Tens of thousands of short vacationers were expected on the Whitsun weekend on the Upper Adriatic, including around 20,000 Austrians according to media reports. Many of them wanted to celebrate excessive parties under the motto “Tutto Gas”. Hotels, holiday apartments and campsites are fully booked for the long weekend.

The wells in the city center have been drained. The aim was to prevent young people from seeking refreshment in the summer temperatures without permission. 15 people received medical treatment for various reasons. Ambulances were ready to go.

Beach closure and alcohol ban

The beach was stormed on Saturday and access was closed at night. Music in the bars could only be played until 1:00 a.m. There was a ban on selling alcohol on the beach or on the open street, and glass bottles and cans are also prohibited outdoors. It is also forbidden to spend the night outdoors in sleeping bags and tents. Violations can result in penalties of up to 500 euros.

The Upper Adriatic with the seaside resorts of Grado, Lignano, Jesolo, Caorle and Bibione is the most popular destination for a beach holiday in Italy. Over 27 million visitors spent a holiday here in 2022. Austrian and German guests are the largest foreign tourist group on the Adriatic beaches of Veneto and Friuli.


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