Home News Towards the government, Fitto: “It is possible that it will be formed on 25 October”. Landini: “Dissolve the neo-fascist organizations”

Towards the government, Fitto: “It is possible that it will be formed on 25 October”. Landini: “Dissolve the neo-fascist organizations”

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Towards the government, Fitto: “It is possible that it will be formed on 25 October”.  Landini: “Dissolve the neo-fascist organizations”

While the totoministri goes crazy, a date for the birth of the first Meloni government can be glimpsed, Raffaele Fitto co-president of the conservative group in the EU Parliament indicates it: “Giorgia Meloni, if appointed, will form the government in a short time, on 25 October it is a plausible date, obviously this will depend on institutional steps, since the President Sergio Mattarella will entrust the post after the consultations. Before saying that Meloni is struggling to find figures up to some boxes – he underlines at Maria Latella’s Sunday Café on Radio 24 – I say: let’s see this government ».

The political day

12.25 – Conte: “A pact between politics and social partners to stop accidents at work”
«Today is the Day for Victims of Work. Each of these broken lives represents a deep wound for us all. Safety at work is a priority of the new legislature ». Giuseppe Conte writes it on Twitter. «We need a great deal between politics and social partners. The M5s is ready to do its part ».

12.20 – Landini: “Dissolve the neo-fascist organizations”
Forza Nuova «has not yet been dissolved. There is an ongoing process. We have great confidence in the work that the police and the judiciary are doing. But there is a political point: we have an anti-fascist constitution. So the neo-fascist organizations must be dissolved. I believe it is necessary that the political forces that swear by the Constitution apply it ». This was stated by the general secretary of the CGIL, Maurizio Landini, on the sidelines of the round table “An international anti-fascist network for work, rights and democracy” organized by the CGIL at the Corso d’Italia headquarters exactly one year after the attack. «We are reaffirming that the role of the trade unions, of the world of work is to fight the culture of violence and to affirm, instead, the centrality of the person, of work, of social justice. That the real struggle to fight to fight fascism and the return to authoritarian, violent logics is precisely that of changing the development model, the social model that has centered on the market, profit, competition between people ”.

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12.15 – Gelmini: “Here is the Action-Italia Viva energy proposal”
“The proposed Action-Italy alive, presented by Carlo Calenda, is clear: waiting for Europe to do its part, we need a national ceiling on the cost of electricity and gas bills – writes Mariastella Gelmini, senator in a note of Action -. The differential would be covered by public finance with 16 billion euros in 2022 and 24 billion until March 2023, without further deficit. And then on to the Piombino and Ravenna regasification plants, to the Sulmona compression plant and to new storage sites. We cannot allow the rising prices of electricity and gas to shut down businesses, businesses and shops. Effective and immediate interventions are needed. Political forces say how they want to act to protect families and companies in difficulty, the new majority put aside the amazing promises of the electoral campaign. The energy emergency cannot stop Italy ».

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