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Tower, cottage on fire. The owner was slightly injured

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Tower, cottage on fire.  The owner was slightly injured


The timely intervention of various teams of firefighters prevented the flames from completely devouring an elegant villa on the provincial road 41 which connects Torre Canavese to Bairo. It happened yesterday afternoon, Tuesday 29, around 6 pm. For reasons under investigation, the flames affected the roof of a house behind the Esedra Convivium pastry and ice cream shop. The fire, visible hundreds of meters away, was reported by many residents who dialed 112, the single number for emergencies. The carabinieri of Agliè also intervened on the spot as well as five teams of firefighters and a medical team from the 118. Aib volunteers from Ozegna were also present. The fire extinguishing operations were particularly complex. To quantify the damage to the house whose owners also risked being intoxicated. Slightly injured a man who desperately tried to contain the flames. Provincial road 41 was closed to traffic and onlookers were immediately removed. —

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