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Toxicologist Jan Tytgat about possible poisoning of investigators with amphetamine: “The term ‘attempted murder’ is certainly justified here”

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Jan Tytgat. — © Dirk Vertommen

Were three top investigators in the Qatar Gate investigation poisoned with amphetamines? According to toxicologist Jan Tytgat (KU Leuven), it is certainly not impossible.

The colorful evening of three police detectives was picked up by almost all news media last month. The men allegedly behaved extremely rowdy during a visit to a Brussels café, resulting in several skirmishes. The most violent of the three also fell to the ground several times and eventually had to be taken to hospital.

It was originally assumed that the behavior of the three detectives was due to serious alcohol abuse, but further investigation suggested that there may have been more going on. In the hospital, the injured detective turned out to have a huge dose of amphetamine in his system. However, he was not known as a drug user. The link with Qatar-gate was soon made. The three investigators in question were heads of the investigation into the possible corruption scandal. Were the investigators poisoned by a foreign secret service?

Toxicologist Jan Tytgat — © Fred Debrock

According to toxicologist Jan Tytgat, it is not impossible in theory: “It is perfectly possible to put amphetamines in someone’s glass via tablets or a powder. If it concerns a dose of up to 100 milligrams, you cannot see or taste it. And such an amount can already have serious effects, especially on someone who has never used it before.”

“What are those effects? Well, on a physical level it will increase both blood pressure and heart rate. The body temperature will also rise and the muscles will become more active. Psychologically you will experience less fatigue and feel more confident and euphoric. Depending on the dose, this can lead to aggressive behavior. And dizziness can also be a side effect, which could also explain that man’s falls.”

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The public prosecutor’s office in Brussels has started an investigation into attempted murder. Can such a dose in a drink actually be fatal? “Yes, certainly,” says Tytgat. “Attempted murder is certainly justified here. Although I don’t think that was the intention. If you want to kill someone, other substances are more effective. If these investigators were poisoned, I suspect the intention was to portray them in a bad light.”

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