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Traditional photography captures memories that last over time – breaking latest news

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Traditional photography captures memories that last over time – breaking latest news

Although currently most people went from keeping memories in family albums, to posting moments or recording them in digital folders; In the city of Loja, we still see citizens dedicated to photography as a way of supporting the family.

To different sectors of the city or events such as graduations, baptisms, marriages, they arrive with their cameras to promote their work and capture a beautiful memory.

With the passage of time, ingenuity gained ground, depending on the occasion, they created scenarios with great originality so that the client feels attracted and poses in a background staging different landscapes, depending on the occasion.

Although, for some years, the habit of keeping photos on paper decreased; there are still people who prefer to keep them in their family album.

Fidencio Soto Ajila, 62, started the activity 25 years ago. He belongs to the Association of Professional Photographers of Loja, allowing him to also work in other provinces of the country.


He told Diario Crónica that, when he started the work, he used the film camera, “it was more complicated because we had to wait a few days to deliver each photo.”

However, “currently with the digital ones we print them immediately, so the client takes them at that time.”

“Don Sotito”, as his friends call him, mentioned that it is a task that allows him to support his home. “Although there are difficult days, we also have clients who call us when they need us.”

He indicated that filing on a computer “is not so safe because the equipment can be damaged. A printed memory lasts forever.

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Byron Martínez Guamán, who is 28 years old and also works, indicated that he learned to take photos from his brother Fabian.

He enthusiastically explained that he likes what he does because he shares and exchanges experiences with people.

He asked the authorities for support, so that they allow them to enter the institutions when there are events or programs, and thus develop their work. (YO)


Since 2015 they use digital cameras.

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