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Traffic officers are trained in handling road accidents

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Traffic officers are trained in handling road accidents

To improve road safety in the department, the Cesar Departmental Traffic Institute trained more than 60 road safety agents, inspectors and technicians from different municipalities in the first workshop: Primary Care and Knowledge of Road Accidents, with the aim of strengthen their knowledge, theoretical and practical, essential to saving lives on the roads.

Diana Daza González, director of the Cesar Departmental Transit Institute, assured that the challenges imposed by mobility management in the department make these days necessary. “It is our mission to articulate all municipalities, regardless of whether or not they have a transit agency, to strengthen them and jointly continue to guarantee road safety on Cesar roads,” she said.

This knowledge goes through the theory enshrined in the Traffic Code and other regulations of the legal system, to practice on roads, carrying out urgent acts, among others, typical of the knowledge of road accidents and the timely completion of Police Accident Reports. of Transit, IPAT.

Major Edwin Matamoros, head of the Traffic and Transportation section of the Cesar Police, expressed: “The importance of this workshop on traffic rules for inspectors, magistrates, is to prevent the accidents that have been occurring in the department and that they “They have the knowledge and can carry out the procedures well in cases of traffic accidents.”

Among those attending were inspectors from San Diego, El Copey, San Martín, Astrea, Gamarra and Manaure; From this last municipality, Inspector Azalea Isabel Zuñiga Ovalle thanked the training. “This provides us with the tools to do our work, especially for those of us who fulfill the functions of inspectors in our municipalities,” she said.

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