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Train K226 has been supplied with supplies, netizens have personally restored the stranded for 48 hours-Characters

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According to news from Zhengzhou Railway, due to the continuous heavy rainfall in Henan, the K226/7 train temporarily stopped at Tielu Station on the Longhai Line at around 17:00 on July 19.At about 9 o’clock on July 20, the Zhengzhou Train Service Depot of China Railway Zhengzhou Bureau Group Co., Ltd. received information about the need for food and drink for train K226/7, and the section immediately notified Tielu Station.


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Tielu Station overcomes the fact that there are few staff on duty at the small station, deep water and dangerous roads, and the lack of supplies in the nearby canteen. It tries its best to rush to the canteen to obtain some instant noodles and drinking water and quickly send it to the train.

At the same time, it arranged for cars with higher chassis in time to overcome the practical difficulties of deep water road insurance and the closure of supermarkets, and went to many large supermarkets nearby to find food and drinking water twice overnight. Before 2 o’clock in the morning today, it will be sent to train K226/7 twice.

On the morning of the 21st, after the nearby supermarket opened, the station immediately organized personnel to grab shopping allowance. At present, more than 3,000 bottles of mineral water and more than 1,000 bags of instant noodles have been loaded onto the train.

Train attendants always stick to their posts and provide passengers with services such as mobile phone charging, so that passengers can communicate with the outside world when the signal is normal. Some passengers on this train voluntarily get off the train, and the remaining passengers are emotionally stable and waiting for follow-up rescue.

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The netizen “Mr. Natural Volume 117” wrote:

The K226 train passes through Henan Province on the way from Guangzhou to Lanzhou.We ran aground near Zhengzhou Station for more than 48 hours due to a sudden heavy rainOriginally, there was no food, drink, or water on the train, and it was inconvenient to do anything. He had to wait for rescue. There was a downpour outside the window, and the people in the train were panicking, looking forward to returning home safely.

There were old people, adults, children, and pregnant women all looking forward to waiting for the notice. Originally, they didn’t eat or drink. Adults and children were hungry. There was a burst of noise in the train. They were all discussing how to go next. At this moment, The conductor led all the flight attendants to bring supplies for everyone,The original cold train made people wonder how to get it. When the conductor led all the crews to bring supplies to everyone in the downpour, everyone’s heavy heart finally fell.

Since the train stayed in place to now all the crew,Including the flight attendantThey left all the dry food to the passengers at the last minute, I am very grateful to the train crews here, and hope that everyone treats all railway crews with respect.


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