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Trainers Register Project: the assessment phase of the Sicilian Region has begun

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The phase of assessment of the project Requalification of those registered in the Sicilian Region’s Register of Trainers, entrusted to Train. The action of the project aims to strengthen the skills of the staff to align them with new needs through the mapping of the acquired skills, aptitudes and professional interests of the members. A commitment to supportSicilian regional administration to guarantee maximum procedural correctness and transparency relating to the relocation interventions of professional training staff.

The intervention of assessment and requalification for the accompaniment and/or relocation of personnel registered in the Register, who have adhered to the Notice referred to in paragraph 18 of the art. 5 of Regional Law n. 9 of 12 May 2020, saw the definition of the organization of the contents and methods of implementation, in agreement with the Sicilian Region. Since 4 September, over 1,900 PECs have been sent to as many subjects interested in the redevelopment action with the aim of agree on the date and place to organize the meetings and interviews for theassessment, necessary to define a detailed profile of the skills possessed by each recipient and the framework of those to be acquired with requalification activities.

All those entitled to the redevelopment activity, who have not received the PEC, are invited to update their certified email address and communicate it no later than 2.00pm on Thursday 21 September 2023under penalty of exclusion from the planned redevelopment activity.

Subsequently we will proceed with carrying out the interviews on the days and times indicated during the booking phase. This activity will start from the day October 3, 2023 and will end by November 3, 2023, barring any extensions necessary to complete the project.

Please note that if multiple bookings have been indicated, Formez will only and exclusively take into account the last available appointment registered on the platform.

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