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Traitor Lolita Milyavska was ridiculed in Russia for being overweight

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Traitor Lolita Milyavska was ridiculed in Russia for being overweight

Singer Lolita Milyavska, who is a native of Ukraine, but chose bloody rubles and Putin’s regime, previously effortlessly shed extra pounds after divorcing her fifth husband. The 59-year-old celebrity provoked rumors about a possible intervention even then, and a new video in a few years again gave rise to talk about plastic surgery. In social networks, Milyavska posted footage showing how she hides her rounded sides with the help of just one simple life hack – pull up her pants higher. Too frank video caused a real stir and criticism. People who were used to Lolita’s boldness were shocked by what they saw.

«What have you done! A lot of plastic surgeons were put out of work with just one hand movement”, “It’s a shame somehow“, they wrote in the comments to the video.

In addition, the Russian mass media also spoke with a cosmetologist, who has not very good news for Lolita.

«Lolita is a fan of liposuction. If you look at the abdominal wall, pits will be visible. It can be seen that in some places the fat has started to form again, — said the beautician. — We see a strange shape of the navel, apparently abdominoplasty. We can only dream about a muscular frame».

Let’s add that Lolita was included in the list of 119 cultural figures against whom new sanctions were introduced by Ukraine.

We will remind that, in addition to Lolita, Russian pop stars Serhiy Lazarev, Philip Kirkorov, Iryna Allegrova, Larisa Dolina and other bright artists who support the aggressor country were included in the “black” list.

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