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Traveling through the history of heroes to find the hero city_Guangzhou Daily Ocean Network

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“Citywalk” Event Showcases Heroic History of Guangzhou

Guangzhou, China – History came alive in Guangzhou as the city celebrated its rich heritage with the “Heroes Bloom in Heroes City” 2024 Guangzhou series of activities. The event, organized to inherit and promote red culture, took place in Haizhu Square and showcased the heroic stories that have shaped the city’s identity.

The event highlighted key historical moments, such as the establishment of the first party branch of the Communist Party of China in Guangdong, the “National Youth League” gathering in Dongyuan, and the Guangzhou Uprising that led to China’s first urban Soviet regime. These events, which took place over a century ago, were brought to life through cultural performances and storytelling on the “Red Cotton Stage.”

Yuexiu District, known for its deep red cultural heritage, played a central role in the event. As the core area of Guangzhou’s Red Culture Inheritance and Promotion Demonstration Zone, Yuexiu District has been home to countless heroic stories. To honor these tales, the district organized the red story event “Traveling through the History of Heroes to Seek Shows in the City of Heroes” in Haizhu Square.

During the event, attendees were invited to participate in the city orientation activity “Pearl Water Kapok, ‘Overseas Chinese’ Meet Guangzhou.” The guided route, marked by kapok trees, connected revolutionary historical sites and overseas Chinese buildings along the river within Yuexiu District’s jurisdiction. Citizens embarked on a journey of “Looking for Heroic City” by exploring these landmarks and learning about Guangzhou’s rich history.

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The event was a poignant reminder of the city’s remarkable past and a celebration of the heroes who have shaped Guangzhou into the vibrant metropolis it is today.

Written by Guangzhou Daily all-media reporter Liao Jingwen and intern Zhu Yuqi.

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