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Treviso, 21 thousand euros of contributions “disappeared”, the war between the hunters ends in the Prosecutor’s Office

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TREVISO. There is on the carpet a complaint against Gianni Luigi Capraro, for embezzlement and use of personal data in violation of privacy. Which triggered an investigation in the prosecutor’s office in Treviso. But in the background, they can be seen Internal “quarrels” between new and old hunting associations, during the registration period. Let’s go in order.

The lawsuit was filed by the MEP Sergio Berlato, regional president of the Venetian hunters association, Confavi, as well as MEP, against Capraro, former president, since February of this year, of the Treviso section of the association, who in the meantime has founded a new team, which has several hundred members.

The plaintiffs take advantage of what they define as “anomalous management of contributions” which is not reflected in the documentation presented. There was no return – as can be seen from the complaint – of the resources, in all 21 thousand euros, funding that would have been allocated by the regional Confavi to the provincial section of Treviso, for events (fairs and initiatives) that due to Covid would not have been held. Meanwhile, Capraro, would have created a new national association, complete with a president, to which members are not lacking.

At this point the statutory bodies of Confavi were interested, which in turn involved the arbitrators, who met. The collected documentation was submitted to the college, a sort of internal judiciary, which decided the commissioner of the Treviso section and the expulsion of its president. On that occasion, it was decided to hand over the documentation to the competent authorities to investigate – the plaintiffs still explain – “on the use of the association’s money and sensitive data, address book and associated telephones”.

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According to the regional Confavi summit, in fact, Capraro would have brought associates of Venetian hunters to the new team, without their knowledge. For Capraro none of this is true, but only a new national association would have been created in full freedom, which would have bothered the old one. The fact is, that the complaint-lawsuit filed on December 9, 2020 is on record and the alleged crimes are “embezzlement and failure to comply with the privacy law».

According to the lawsuit, in the current account of the Treviso police station section, the figure with the targeted allocations for fairs and initiatives would not appear, while there would be only minimal availability.

Today the commissioner is Rino Pesce, appointed at the end of 2020. Capraro, who also does not want to speak and relies on his lawyer, returns all the charges to the sender, claiming not to have received anything from the Prosecutor’s Office and not to know anything about the whole affair. He also makes it clear that he was not expelled but that he left the association, having founded another.

Before the no comment, explains it would be internal spite to the old association in the era of membership. A war between hunting associations? And he says he is ready, if the time comes, to present all the documentation of the case that clarifies the situation. In short, whoever made a complaint will answer for it. –

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