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Treviso. Bepi and Debora married after 25 years. “How nice, and to hell with Covid”

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The couple with Gentilini, who officiated the wedding

At Palazzo Rinaldi, the wedding of the former councilor Basso, now a councilor. To formalize the marriage the friend of all time Giancarlo Gentilini


A kick to the crisis, the pandemic, the fears. A promise of fidelity that they had no fear of making even in this difficult period and indeed, perhaps above all to chase away all the negativity brought about by a year of uncertainty. Yesterday morning the former councilor for public works and today municipal councilor Giuseppe Basso married his Debora making official a love that has lasted for over 25 years. “On the contrary,” he joked in a jacket, shirt and tie with a suit for good occasions, “25 are just the years of cohabitation … before there are 10 as boyfriends.”

The day on the calendar, yesterday, fell by chance. However, the year, the situation, and the person called to formalize their marriage were not. «This year Debora’s mother, the only one of our parents still alive, will turn ninety, an important age; this has been a difficult year and it is essential today to have a momentum of positivity. Getting married today was the best thing, and with Giancarlo Gentilini at our side ».

Life-long friends, even before politics put them at the same table, he and the former sheriff have always maintained a very close, affectionate and friendly relationship, “It was nice to have him formalize our union, with his ways and its effervescences, “says the former councilor.

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The only regret – and it could not be otherwise – not to have family, friends and acquaintances alongside, the many people who would have liked to be with them on such an important day. “Nor my dog,” laughs Bepi, a long-time dog lover and very fond of his wolf, “they didn’t let me bring it, and yes, he’s one of the family.” But the time to toast will come for them too. For now, an escape to Jesolo as a honeymoon, which in times of the red zone and Covid already means a lot. And best wishes.

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