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Treviso, fire terrace in viale Italia: two intoxicated people

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Treviso, fire terrace in viale Italia: two intoxicated people

The flames would have spread from a fallen candle, destroyed balcony. The residents of the building flee to the street. Fire limited by the fire brigade

TREVISO. A fire broke out last night around dinner time, it was around 20, in an apartment on the first floor of a building in Viale Italia, at number 3, in the San Paolo area.

According to an initial reconstruction, the flames were born from some candles that had been lit on the balcony. Perhaps a candle fell and from there the flames spread throughout the terrace and began to extend even inside the house occupied by an Italian family. Three people were present in the apartment at that time.

The prompt intervention of the fire brigade fortunately limited the damage, even if the balcony was practically destroyed. Great fear in the building, many feared living the same nightmare a couple of weeks ago in Fontane di Villorba, where two apartments were completely devoured by a fire. There was a general stampede of the residents of the building on the street, including the three members of the family in question. For two of them, who complained of a principle of intoxication, the intervention of the SUEM was requested and they were transported as a precaution to the Ca ‘Foncello emergency room for checks. The third person, on the other hand, remained completely unharmed.

Shortly after 9 pm, the two teams of the Treviso fire brigade who had intervened had already extinguished the fire and checked the conditions of the apartment. For the other houses in the building there was no need to decree any evacuation and after the understandable fright, the families were able to return to their homes.

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It remains to verify the practicability of the apartment where the fire broke out.

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