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Treviso, here is the new cemetery for children

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Treviso, here is the new cemetery for children

The “children’s camp” has always been one of the most intimate and delicate places in the monumental cemetery of San Lazzaro, there are buried small dead prematurely, or children never born. A place of peace and profound suffering that the Treviso administration has just finished restoring and inaugurated with the bishop.

Treviso, the “Garden of the angels” inaugurated at the cemetery of San Lazzaro


“The loss of a child is a pain that cannot be erased,” he said Mario Conte“In the green, in a context of serenity and prayer, it is possible, however, to find a hug with one’s angels. The Garden of the Angels is a work of our community that responds to a need for humanity and civilization of families. heart the Bishop Michele Tomasiwho with his presence has given this place the importance it deserves, the councilor Sandro Zampese with the Public Works Sector, the Priula and Contarina Basin Consortium as well as the companies that worked for the construction of this place ».

During the inauguration the testimony of a mother e a letter from a parent who lost his son years ago.

This is a passage from the letter: “For four years I have been regularly going to the Treviso cemetery to visit my child. They say that the cemetery is a place for the living and not for those who have left us: today for the first time, when I went to my little one, I felt a great comfort, as if I had managed to let go of something that seemed unbearable to leave. All this was possible thanks to the “Garden of the Angels”. Finally, going to the place where one should feel – as the poet wrote – the “Celestial correspondence of loving senses”, I felt peace and order. Having made the Garden so harmonious and clean has also brought order to my heart. This kind of thing might seem insignificant compared to the immensity of the pain, nothing will return the affections, but perhaps, at some point, initiatives like this are no longer so irrelevant and help tremendously, especially when it comes to the loss of someone who is not. never born or stayed with us too little».

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