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Treviso, Nas investigation into the use of doping substances, twelve complaints

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Body builder and personal trainer in the crosshairs, seized by the Nas of Treviso a thousand packs of steroids and testosterone for a value of 12 thousand euros. Joint operation also in other provinces of Padua, Cosenza, Naples and Turin. The hypothesized offense is that of receiving drugs

TREVISO. Steroids, estrogen, growth hormones, testosterone: drugs seized from body builders and instructors worth over 12 thousand euros. It doesn’t matter if the gyms are closed and the fitness centers haven’t worked for months. Rather. Those who live to look in the mirror and measure muscle mass continue to do so, even with the lockdown, using doping substances purchased online without a prescription and illegally, in Italy and abroad. Drugged in all respects, in search of the “dose”.

In the early hours of Friday, the carabinieri of the Nas (anti-sophistication and health unit) of Treviso commanded by Major Giuseppe Mercatali, carried out the search decree issued by the Public Prosecutor against 17 people, mostly body builders, personal trainers and sportsmen amateurs, buyers and consumers of active substances with a doping effect, also used to treat erectile dysfunction.

The searches were carried out in the provinces of Treviso, Padua, Cosenza, Naples and Turin, most of them in the Marca. Together with the Nas military, the military of the provincial commands and of the anti-sophistication and health units were also involved.

Overall 12 people were reported, eight between Treviso, Montebelluna and Castelfranco, the other four between Naples, Turin, Padua and Cosenza. The crime is that of receiving drugs.

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Seized a thousand pieces including packages, bottles, vials and tablets of drugs and pharmacologically active substances with doping action. These include testosterone, steroids, estrogen, growth hormones, for a total value of about 12,000 euros. The substances were purchased both abroad and in Italy.

Consumers are all aged between 25 and 40, and work in the most diverse jobs: from worker to clerk, from commercial agent to professional personal trainer.

Even if the gyms are closed, the “addicts” of doping substances cannot do without them, on pain of abstinence, in order not to “deflate” and lose shape. Investigations are ongoing.

The use of pharmacological substances in order to increase muscle tone – we remember – has grown with the effects that we all know. In one year, in Veneto, there have been two deaths caused by doping substances, including the well-known body builder Alberto Clementi, found dead at home by his girlfriend.

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