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Treviso, No vax threats to Benazzi: “Someone could hurt you”

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The dg of the Ulss 2, Francesco Benazzi, during a vaccination session

Intimidating e-mails from some exponents of the “No vax” galaxy to the Ulss chief executive officer, he reports to the Postal Police. Meanwhile, 61 other health workers of the Ulss 2 without vaccine have been suspended

TREVISO. “I know people who can hurt you.” The woman who has been openly threatening the Ulss 2 director general Francesco Benazzi for weeks is signed with a full name and surname., bombarding him with increasingly intimidating emails.

Assuming that the virtual identity corresponds to the real one, it would be a person extremely close to Dr. Riccardo Szumski, family doctor and mayor of Santa Lucia di Piave, recently disqualified from the Order of doctors and indestructible leader of the no vax and no pass, which for months have been protesting against the “health dictatorship”.

One of the No vax protests in Piazza dei Signori last summer

“I’m ready to report the lady who writes the threatening emails to the postal police”, explains CEO Benazzi, reading aloud the “letters” received. “Be ashamed, look in the mirror, I know people much angrier than me who could really hurt you and you may regret what you say.”

These are just some of the words that the woman, close to the no vax environments, addressed to the manager of the Treviso hospital. A dense correspondence, accompanied by a rich series of insults, offenses and threats, to which the number one of the Treviso health care initially replied with an accommodating tone, except now to say enough.

“I will report the matter to the competent authorities to put an end to this situation” concludes Benazzi who, despite everything, responds as always: renewing the appeal to anti-Covid vaccination and compliance with the rules to avoid contagion.

IAll while the evaluation commission of the Ulss has just suspended 61 professionals No vax. There are 42 nurses, 2 midwives, 5 educators, 4 physiotherapists, 2 social health workers, 2 health assistants, a radiologist, a prevention technician, a speech therapist and other figures, all of the sector.

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