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Treviso, the foothills magnet for companies: 41 companies and Porsche arrive

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Freeway effect in Villorba, the mayor Serena: “The artery will change central Veneto”. Many new commercial activities redeveloping old sites or new spaces

VILLORBA. Forty-one new companies in a year and a half, a new owner for Cmr, the go-ahead on the former social cellar floor. In Villorba the Pedemontana effect is felt. The first to rejoice is the mayor Marco Serena, who after years of economic “depression” for the territory he administers is now seeing a new flowering. «It was time for the entrepreneurs to understand the desirability of this territory with the Pedemontana. I am convinced that the expressway will completely change central Veneto, separating those who are inside from those who are left outside. The municipalities of Treviso will be able to become the new production and service center of Veneto, and of Italy, a sort of Milan 2. What we are seeing happening in Villorba in the last year proves it, ”says the mayor.

The numbers in the possession of the administration say that in the industrial area of ​​Villorba in a year and a half they opened 41 businesses, giving new vitality to an area that saw signs for rent or for sale hanging from dozens of warehouses. “Now there are very few free ones, and as far as we can see the prices are also divided”, explains Serena. The commercial part that housed the Panorama remains empty. At the moment, the large-scale distribution group prefers to keep their property empty, probably also in order not to create itself in the home of the competition, given that a few hundred meters away there is another Panorama, inside the Castrette shopping center.

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The prospects for the former Cmr, the factory abandoned for about a decade, overlooking the Pontebbana, are even more interesting for citizens. Together with the former Mondial, today a concrete skeleton remains, it constitutes the most important degradation area in Villorba. The former factory was bought by the Grigolin group, which aims to redevelop it. More commercial will arrive, although there is no shortage of hypermarkets in the area.

An agreement was practically made with Lidl, to open a store on Pontebbana, but uncertainties about the road network made the German group desist. To open a supermarket at that point, an overhaul of the Pontebbana is needed, which is the responsibility of Anas. However, the institution would not have responded to the requests of the commercial group, which therefore, faced with such uncertainties and in biblical times, preferred to take a step back. Today we return to discuss the reconversion of the area.

The commercial and office areas will be the masters, but the plan could also include the revision of the viability and of the entire area including Villa Zambon and Piazza di Carità. Meanwhile, the plan has been unlocked recovery of the former Social Cellar. Carraro will build a Porsche dealership, adding another brand to the “commercial gallery” of the car that has now become the Pontebbana.


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