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Treviso vast area projects, 16 million from the Veneto Region

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Treviso vast area projects, 16 million from the Veneto Region

Over sixteen million for the vast Treviso area. The Veneto Region has approved the distribution of financial resources for the urban areas of the Veneto by assigning to the territory of the urban area of ​​Treviso (197,150 inhabitants, 240.88 square km) 16.4 million eurosof which: 758,441 for the digitization of urban areas, 284,415 euros for the Pmi in urban areas, three million and 82 thousand euros for green infrastructure5.5 million for the sustainable urban mobilitynearly 3.8 million per housing inclusion2,3 for the urban and cultural regeneration and €584,580 for accompanying measures.

This result is the result of the work carried out in the first months of this year following the opening of the regional tender for the identification of urban areas of the 2021-2027 PR Fesr program of the Veneto Region which provides for the identification of urban areas with a procedure divided into two phases: the first to identify the urban areas and the second in which the admitted urban areas will present their own integrated strategy for sustainable urban development. The first phase ended last July with the identification, by the Veneto Region, of the 11 regional urban areas including, in fourth place, the urban area of ​​Treviso made up of the Municipalities of Treviso (lead), Carbonera, Casier, Paese, Ponzano Veneto, Preganziol, Quinto di Treviso, Silea and Villorba. The second phase of building the sustainable urban development strategy will now follow, a real long-range strategy that will define the urban area of ​​the future.

The Municipalities concerned will now have to identify the projects and interventions in the digital field, green infrastructures, sustainable mobility, housing inclusion and urban and cultural regeneration that they want to implement in the Treviso urban area in the next seven years of the 2021- 2027, using the funding received. A complex work that will involve the Municipalities of the urban area, supported by the Veneto Region, in the first half of next year with the possibility of seeing the strategies approved by June 2023 and the first interventions already started by the end of 2023.

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Some numbers on the area: 197,150 inhabitants in 2020, an increase of 3.1% compared to the 2011 census (+6,034 inhabitants). Decreased birth rate: the natural balance has undergone a trend reversal in the last two-three years, the mortality rate higher than the birth rate generates a negative and worsening growth rate. In 2020 the natural balance is negative (-874, there were 1,310 newborns, 2,184 deaths). Foreign population: in 2020 they are 20,866, 10.6% of total residents. Age structure of the population: 12.8% of residents in the area are under 15; 25.2% aged 65 or over. The over 85s are 4.5%, women 51.5%.

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