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Trump compares his situation to that of Alexei Navalny: “This also happens in the US”

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In an hour-long interview on Fox News, Donald Trump compared himself to Alexei Navalny. The former president called the $355 million fine he was recently imposed “a form of Navalny.”

The former president, who also hopes to be the Republican candidate in the upcoming presidential elections, had an hour-long conversation with presenter Laura Ingraham on Fox News. Asked about Alexei Navalny, he called the late Russian opponent a “very brave man” who “probably should not have returned to Russia.” “It was brave that he came back, and he probably should have stayed away and done his thing from outside the country,” Trump said.

However, he failed to mention Vladimir Putin, the Russian president who made Navalny’s life miserable and who many international observers believe is responsible for his death, responsible for his death. Trump did compare himself to the Russian opponent. He called the fine imposed on him at the end of last week for fraud – $355 million – “a form of Navalny”. “It’s a form of communism or fascism. The same thing happens in our country, you know. We are turning into a communist country in many areas. There are eight or nine lawsuits against me just because I am in politics.”

On Sunday, Trump had already written on his social medium Truth Social that Navalny’s death had made him “more aware” of “what is happening in the US.” He did not elaborate on this at the time, but his statements at Fox now make it clear that he means what he has been saying for a long time: that the lawsuits against him are politically motivated.

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