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Trumpet 2020 in Nuova Erto: one million compensation from Rome

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Trumpet 2020 in Nuova Erto: one million compensation from Rome

Bridge in the Alps: the money will be used in particular to fix the underpass and redevelop the area of ​​the forecourt of the stadium

BRIDGE IN THE ALPS. One million euros for the damage caused by the tornado that struck Nuova Erto in 2020. The government recognized the compensation to the Municipality of Ponte nelle Alpi for the calamitous events of 29 August two years ago, when a strong blast d The air localized in Nuova Erto had ripped up the PalaMares tent and caused damage to the stadium structure, as well as to other appliances in the same area and to Polpet. Without considering the flooding of the underpass. On that occasion, the Municipality immediately worked with the other bodies responsible for the definitive and overall reorganization of the water and sewerage network in the area, as well as for the safety of the area of ​​the Civil Protection plan, adjacent to the parking lot of the area. stage. Not surprisingly, on 31 August 2020, the municipal offices had already communicated the extent of the damage caused by bad weather. On the following 11 September, the Region had decreed a state of crisis in various Municipalities of the Veneto where bad weather had hit. Following this report, the State guaranteed a first allocation and then a second of 10.8 million euros, through the Civil Protection, for a total of about 20 million.

“This is a decree of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers to deal with the damage caused by bad weather in Ponte but also in other parts of the Veneto”, explains Mayor Paolo Vendramini, “we are very satisfied because we have obtained the entire amount requested and we were, among those of Vicenza and other parts of the region, among the few who have been given priority in accessing funds ».

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The official state allocation reached the municipal administration on 3 August and now these new funds will allow the realization of works long overdue by the Pontalpine community.

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