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Trustees have won, they will receive top-quality health care like in a movie and for free. In 10 days

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Trustees have won, they will receive top-quality health care like in a movie and for free.  In 10 days

Five state-of-the-art CT machines, two magnetic resonances, two linear accelerators, 30 ultrasounds. This is only part of the technical facilities that will be available free of charge to patients in the new Bory Hospital from March 30 if they are insured in Dover.

The door to a brand new top hospital will be opened for them by an exchange ticket from a doctor and a Dôvera insurance card. So no fees. Neither for registration, nor for examination, nor for hospitalization or surgery. Dôvera policyholders from all over Slovakia can come to Bory Hospital. They will receive the highest quality health care in a modern facility. That is, something that until now they only knew from abroad or from movies.

“We will be the first to open specialized hospital clinics, a radiology department and a radiation oncology department. In the week following the official opening of the hospital, the first patients will be able to come for examinations, after prior ordering with an exchange ticket and insurance card. The ambulances will serve patients who will be preparing for hospitalization in the hospital, or will be monitored after surgery,” explained Tomáš Kráľ, the spokesperson of the Bory Hospital.

Subsequently, one-day health care and radiation oncology, along with an inpatient unit, will also start operating in the new hospital. In the summer, the first children will be born in the Bory maternity hospital, and in the autumn, when the hospital will be fully operational, emergency admission, dialysis and CINRE (top care for patients with neurological, cardiac and vascular problems) will also be launched.

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By signing the contract with Nemocnica Bory, Poiťovňa Dôvera only confirmed its status as a health insurance company with the widest network of contract health care providers. The number of contracted doctors, hospitals and clinics is greater than the state health insurance company.

For example, where its policyholders can find contracted CT or MR, they can find out on the Mapazdravotnictva.sk website. Before long, facilities in Bory will also be added to the map.

The patient chooses the hospital, not the patient’s hospital

Patients can get to Bory Hospital in three ways. They can order a planned hospitalization or an examination related to it via the website, a call center, or they can come to the hospital reception in person. The phone numbers and the web form that will be used for ordering patients will be made available to patients by the hospital on March 30.

Bory will serve patients with complicated and common diagnoses. Whether they will need special procedures that are not normally performed in Slovakia, or whether they will be “just” suffering from diabetes, gallbladder or hernia. “We are happy that the hospital will be here for all our adult insureds. Talks about picking raisins in the provision of health care are just rumors of haters,” emphasized Marian Faktor, a member of the Board of Directors of Dôvera.

The hospital has 16 operating rooms, including a hybrid room and a room designed for robotic procedures. The hospital is also unique in that each patient will have their own room with sanitary facilities, a television and a folding chair for a family member.

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There is also daylight in each of the 16 operating rooms.

There will be no men’s and women’s departments, nor classic departments such as surgery, internal medicine, or urology. A patient after surgery can lie in one room and a patient with diabetes can lie in the next room. Thus, the hospital can use the number of beds to the maximum, in contrast to current hospitals, where some departments are overcrowded and others are half-empty.

Top maternity hospital in Slovakia

Bory will also offer a children’s emergency room. However, they will not have an emergency room for children and children’s wards, they justify this by saying that children are very well taken care of at the nearby National Institute of Children’s Diseases in Kramáry. But since Bory Hospital will start operating a top new generation maternity ward with eight modern delivery rooms in the summer, the hospital will take care of both healthy and at-risk newborns. Prematurely born children, newborns with low birth weight or birth complications will be hospitalized in the neonatal intensive care unit at the new Bory Hospital. The babies will be hospitalized together with their mothers in separate single rooms.

Room for a high-risk newborn and mother.

Nurses for patients

Modern technologies relieve the staff of many activities. Nurses and paramedics, for example, will no longer have to personally take the samples to the laboratory, they will simply send them by digitalized pipe mail. Even the nurses will no longer prepare the medicines for the patients personally, the technician will do it for them. The hospital has the ambition to eventually become completely paperless. Nurses will thus have much more time to care for patients.

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TOP 10 Bory Hospital

  • the ultimate new generation hospital for all patients
  • planned and acute healthcare at the highest European level
  • even for patients with diseases requiring the most demanding treatment
  • single bed standard and modern equipment at no extra charge (Dóvera and Union insured persons)
  • healthcare covered by public health insurance (Dôvera and Union)
  • the best doctors and nurses from Slovakia, the return of capacities from abroad
  • top emergency income of the second type
  • own chapel
  • free parking in the spacious parking lot in front of the hospital and convenient access by car and public transport
  • Dôvery branch directly in the hospital

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