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TSE magistrates accept there was manipulation in at least half of the electoral boxes

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The presiding magistrate of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE), Dora Martínez de Barahona, assured on Tuesday in a private meeting with the political parties that they are going “to deduct responsibilities because these packages go through a quality control and it seems biased to me that half of Those will have a security role and the others will not.”

In an audio published by the digital media El Faro, Martínez de Barahona angrily expressed that “Here we are not talking, you know how the Court has been handled and all that, we do not rule out possibly that they have intervened so that things happened as they happened and that “There will obviously be a complaint to the Prosecutor’s Office.”

In the audio you can hear the official explaining that “each boss had his role, the deputy bosses had their direction and there are things that need to be clarified.”

The head of IT at the TSE, Ignacio Villagrán, can also be heard in the audio and pointed out that eThe Court did not train the members of the polling stations to use the so-called contingency system due to the impossibility of connecting to the Internet to transmit the information from the JRV minutes.

«For the Legislative Assembly, there were definitely no supplies, so we only managed to process around 400 ballots”Villagran said.

In addition, Villagrán recognized that the security paper on which the data is printed and which is then used to enter it into the system, was not placed in sufficient quantity or was not included in the electoral packages.

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For the transmission for President of the Republic, the majority of the paper did reach and they were able to make the transmission, “for the Legislative Assembly, there were definitely no inputs,” he said.

For his part, Noel Orellana mentioned to journalists “bad intentions” in the failures suffered by the electoral process in the elections on Sunday, February 4.

“At the time we will also share with the press the intentions that were had so that this process did not develop in the best way,” said Orellana.

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