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Tsunami in Stromboli, tsunami wave of one and a half meters

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Tsunami in Stromboli, tsunami wave of one and a half meters

A tsunami occurred off the island of Stromboli causing a tsunami wave about one and a half meters high. The tsunami would have been caused by a detachment on the Sciara del Fuoco. The alarms sounded on the island but, according to the first investigations by the Civil Protection, no damage was reported.

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by Fabrizio Berte

However, there is concern among the population. “Stromboli continues to do its job – says a resident, Gianluca Giuffrè, to beraking latest news – and the rocky ridge of Ginostra, on which the entire town rests, is crumbling more and more without the necessary interventions, even if contracted out and financed, to make it safe. When it collapses, it will be a tragedy and every escape route will be precluded, including the fraction’s landing place. Action must be taken immediately”.

The bulletin

The event, according to what was communicated by the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology, Osservatorio Etneo, was recorded at 14.10 and then at 16.35. “There was an overflow of lava from the northern crater area, concurrently with which intense explosive activity continued at the vents. A more intense explosion then occurred from the central-southern crater area. Starting at 15.28, began to observe small collapses of material along the upper part of the Sciara del Fuoco and at 15.31, while the lava overflow and explosive activity continued, one or more pyroclastic flows were formed, probably triggered by the collapse of a part of the crater rim of the northern sector. At 16.19 – the experts continue – the formation of another large pyroclastic flow was observed. From a seismic point of view, the average amplitude of the volcanic tremor is currently in the medium-high level with a tendency to The signals currently available from the ground deformation monitoring networks do not show significant variations. The GNSS and clinometer stations of Timpone del fuoco (STDF) have m ostratum of the modest perturbations of the signal, associated with the seismic activity recorded this morning in the Aeolian area”.

Civil protection

“I’ve heard from the island’s mayor and I’m in contact with the head of the civil protection department – says Nello Musumeci, minister for civil protection and marine policies -. Luckily the news from Stromboli is reassuring: the wave from this afternoon’s tsunami, which was one and a half meters high, did not cause any casualties, only minor damage”.

“It comforts me to know – he adds – that the alarm systems worked and that the municipal operations center was promptly set up. We are working to give temporary accommodation to about thirty citizens invited to leave their homes as a precaution”.

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