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Tumbles 100m on grass while hiking – News

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Tumbles 100m on grass while hiking – News

A hiker was airlifted to the Santa Chiara hospital in Trento after having tumbled for about 100 meters down a steep grassy slope, while walking along the Fiori path 396, near the Col del Boia locality, above Passo Brocon (Castello Tesino), at an altitude of about 1,900 meters. In the fall – reports the Alpine Rescue of Trentino – the woman suffered possible multiple traumas and contusions, remaining always conscious. The call to 112 came shortly after 1.30 pm from the excursion companion.

The Trentino Emergency Headquarters requested the intervention of the helicopter. The helicopter rescue technician and the medical team were lowered with the winch on the spot and gave first aid to the injured person.

In a second rotation, two operators from the Tesino Alpine Rescue station, ready at the parking lot of the Lagorai cable cars, were airlifted to the top to assist the rescuers in the recovery operations and to accompany their excursion companion downstream. After stabilising, the injured woman was placed on a stretcher and hoisted aboard the helicopter to be taken to the hospital.

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