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turin. Outskirts emergency: more than 430 arrests in the Barrier alone

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TORINO. What is the cure for Barriera di Milano? Where, in one year, the police and carabinieri made 430 arrests and a thousand complaints. Where a parish, Maria Regina della Pace in Corso Palermo, is besieged by pushers. Where residents feel abandoned to themselves and teenagers comment: “Those who grow up here certainly do not become a lawyer.” Is the activity of the police sufficient or is a wider redevelopment and decoration project needed?

These are the questions at the center of a summit yesterday in the Prefecture. “A morning dedicated to the various critical issues” explains the mayor Stefano Lo Russo, who participated together with the councilor Gianna Pentenero and the president of the District 6 Valerio Lomanto. “The question must be addressed on several levels”. Of course, there is public order. And “the presence of the police will be intensified” assures the prefect Raffaele Ruperto. And yesterday also sat at the table the commissioner Vincenzo Ciarambino and the provincial commander of the carabinieri Claudio Lunardo.

But repression is not enough, the cure for Barriera di Milano is on several fronts. «We need to reduce inequalities, make people feel the protagonists of their neighborhood, make them live in a context capable of offering opportunities. We will invest in the redevelopment of the suburbs and in the creation of social infrastructures also through funds from the NRP »says Lo Russo. That announces the project “Inclusion and security”, inter-managerial work coordinated by the councilor Carlotta Salerno. President of District 6 for five years, the area knows it well: “If on the one hand the citizens ask for immediate action on the security front, on the other hand we need to think about urban regeneration”. What does it mean? «Urban decoration, visible redevelopment, education and perspective interventions. Those who live in the area must not feel in a ghetto, but in the right place and with different possibilities in front of them ». A discussion will then be initiated with citizens, social and economic components, local institutions. In order to understand how to best invest both European funds and extraordinary resources. And the work, the mayor underlines “will also include Aurora and all the other areas of the city most in difficulty on these fronts”.

In short, everyone is called to do their part: to fight crime, of course, but also to counter the feeling of marginalization of those who live and work in the suburbs. The archbishop of Turin, Monsignor Cesare Nosiglia, who yesterday attended the summit together with the parish priest of Maria Regina della Pace, Don Stefano Votta, explains it well. «Alongside the fight against crime and fear, we must also cultivate“ positive ”perspectives, rebuild trust and this is done first of all with a social investment that favors education, civic training, spaces and opportunities for meeting. Public presences are in fact very concrete ways of presiding over the territory ».
The appeal of the Siap union
“Certainty of the punishment, evacuation of the occupied realities and removal of the many, too many, criminals who are not entitled to stay in Italy”. The appeal of the Siap union after yesterday’s meeting in the Prefecture between the institutional and law enforcement leaders in which the archbishop of Turin, Monsignor Cesare Nosiglia also participated, to deal with the emergency of Barriera di Milano, a district , denounce the residents, degraded and hostage of the drug dealers. «The request for massive employment in fixed posts of the police forces in Barriera Milano and Aurora – comments Pietro Di Lorenzo, SIAP provincial secretary – is a failure of politics and not of society. We wonder who, if not politics, should deal with the problems of the suburbs. Instead, once again, everything turns into a problem of public order and we want to use the Police as a model of control of the territory that is light years away from its mission.
The Police – adds Di Lorenzo – despite the serious shortages of staff, as always will do everything possible in terms of commitment and use of human resources subtracted from the real control of the territory and the investigative activity, but we expect politics instead of downloading the general responsibility on society makes it known how it intends to ensure certainty of the penalty, evacuation of the occupied realities and removal of the many, too many, criminals who are not entitled to stay in Italy “.


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