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Turin, the No Pass leader returns to the office with an anti-Semitic post: “Jews, selfish people and manipulated by the state”

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The controversy that arose after the Marco Liccione’s post, which aroused the indignation of the Jewish community and that of the regional councilor Fabrizio Ricca, seems to have no end. Not so much for the reactions of those who condemned the post because so many, first of all the Jewish community has made it known that they prefer silence rather than give rope to those who “deny, trivialize and exploit the Shoah”.

A not wanting to put an end to what would have been only a slip but which is now becoming a case, also ended up on the table of the prosecutor with an information from the Digos of Turin, is precisely the No Green Pass movement of which Marco Liccione is one of the leader. In the evening Liccione published a new post where this time he directly attacks the Jewish community.

A Jewish family with the star of David, the absurd post of the No Pass leader: “Let’s wake up before it’s too late”

by Carlotta Rocci

“If the Jews are indignant in a comparison that reminded them of where it all started, done only to defend the freedom of decision of all, it means that they are selfish people or people manipulated by the state”, writes Liccione. “They will also include the final process that was the Shoah, but in the initial process it was done in the indifference of all”, he continues, accompanying the post with a cartoon that reads: “Entry forbidden to non-vaccinated but we do not make comparisons. with the past “.

Liccione after the parallel between the Holocaust and the Green Pass: “Ready to meet the Jewish community. But I don’t apologize”

by Carlotta Rocci

The post appeared on the page of the Variante Torinese immediately received a series of comments, many of which attack Senator Liliana Segre, who has already ended up in the crosshairs of the No Green Pass several times and she too has chosen silence as the best answer. “You should review the Diary of Anne Frank “, someone says while someone else accuses her of being part of the” Jewish bankers “lobby. The tone has risen compared to a few weeks ago, after the announcement of the entry into force of the Super Green Pass starting from 6 January.


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