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Turnout, at 12 in Fvg 13% of those entitled voted

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TRIESTE. In Friuli Venezia Giulia, out of a total of 367,228 voters, at 12 noon 47,883 voted, or 13.04 per cent. This was announced by the Electoral Service of the Fvg Region, underlining that 38 Municipalities called to vote.

In Pordenone, out of 42,195 eligible voters, 6,823 voters voted, equal to 16%.

Trieste ranks last in Venezia Giulia with a percentage of 11.4% of voters who went to vote, 20,984 out of 184489 eligible. Five years ago the turnout at 12 in Trieste was 18.8% but in that case – it should be emphasized – we voted in one day and not two as in today’s electoral round.

In Muggia 14.3% of those entitled to vote went to vote, 1756 out of a total of 12,293 voters (21% five years ago). As for the municipalities in the province of Gorizia, the most diligent voters were those of San Pier d’Isonzo, where there is the highest rate in Venezia Giulia, with 19.7% (338 out of 1714 eligible).

In Grado early in the morning 19% of those entitled to vote (1354 out of 7141), in Romans d’Isonzo 17.6% (582 out of 3306) and in Moraro 17.1% (104 out of 607) .

13% voted in Tarcento, 17% in Palmanova, 15% in Latisana.


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