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Turnout – Giovanni De Mauro

In what many will remember as one of the least exciting election campaigns in recent Italian political history, the distance between the issues raised by the leaders of the various parties and the issues at the center of the interests of potential voters immediately struck.

Of course, it is an impression, and as such it should be taken. However, a study by two researchers, Serena Pelosi and Pierluigi Vitale, recently taken up by the Sole 24 Ore, confirmed it.

The content posted on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok by the leaders of the main coalitions were examined. Together with these posts, those of common users and attributable to the electoral campaign were also analyzed. In total, there are 133,494 posts and comments.

At the top of the list of topics that most interest users is the economy: it is talked about in over 60 percent of cases. They are followed by the environment and the climate, work, rights and health. Then there are small differences related to age (the two researchers estimated that Facebook users are older than those of Instagram and TikTok): the youngest, for example, are mainly interested in employment-related issues.

Nothing surprising so far, that money and work are a priority for everyone was predictable. And probably extending the research to the rest of the population would also have the same result.

It is when we discover the issues that the leaders of the various camps have dealt with that the most interesting data arrives. Because it is true that the list also includes the economy, rights, climate, work, health. But the most frequent theme is the respective opponents. That is, almost half of the posts of politicians did not concern any of the issues that interest citizens but it was an attack on one of the exponents of another party.

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When an attempt is made to interpret the turnout data on Sunday evening, this research could help. ◆

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