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TV bonus towards full house, last hours to get the funds

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TV bonus towards full house, last hours to get the funds

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The Mise sets November 12 for the closure of the revenue platform to obtain the contribution on decoders or scrapping and purchase of new devices

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Last hours to get the TV scrapping bonus. The discount on the purchase of a new TV or a decoder will be possible, in fact, only until Saturday 12 November. The Ministry of Economic Development has issued a statement in which it informs that the allocated resources (about 250 million) are close to being exhausted. And therefore from 11.59 pm on 12 November “the platform made available by the Revenue Agency – explains the note from the Mise – to receive the authorization to issue the two bonuses (mandatory step for each merchant before proceeding with the sale) will no longer be active “.

The bonus was granted to facilitate the transition to the new digital terrestrial signal transmission standards (DVBT2). Two concessions are available:
the purchase of a decoder to be applied to the old television, financed with a maximum contribution of 30 euros (raised to 50 euros from October 2022) reserved for families with Isee less than 20 thousand euros;
a contribution of up to 20% of the purchase price (and in any case up to a maximum of 100 euros) granted, with no Isee or income limit, to those who scrape a television purchased before 22 December 2018, reside in Italy and are in good standing with the payment of the Rai license fee.

The “openings” for the future

Closing on 12 November occurs in advance due to the depletion of funds with respect to the time window of the bonus, theoretically active until 31 December. But a new chance could come with the next budget law. “We asked the Mef to refinance the measure because we believe it is essential to ensure the continuity of an instrument that has worked to facilitate this delicate technological transition”, said the Minister of Economic Development and Made in Italy, Adolfo Urso in the same press release. .

On the other hand, the home decoder Bonus is still active which provides for the supply, in collaboration with Poste Italiane, of a decoder at home to citizens aged 70 or over, with a pension not exceeding 20 thousand euros per year in good standing. with the TV license.

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