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Tvb, a hug in a minor tone Vazzoler: “We will make the leap in quality”

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Tvb, a hug in a minor tone Vazzoler: “We will make the leap in quality”

The expected hug to Treviso Basket was given not in Piazza dei Signori (however, the rain forecasts were unfounded) but in an evening at the Maggior Consiglio.

Above all, the ten-year anniversary of the company was celebrated, in addition of course to the presentation of the company, the team (great news this year will be the two captains, the Treviso-born Ale Zanelli and Adrian Banks) and the technical and medical staff: of course, all in a lower tone than the original program , the youth teams, the PDM and the Baskettosi were missing (everything will be recovered on Saturday night at Palaverde) but the important thing was to make the city understand that this reality, which has grown exponentially in the last decade, deserves to return to the center of the passion of the fans.

Basketball, Nutribullet introduces itself to the city: here is coach Marcelo Nicola


«I hope to see a lot of pride also from our members – blurts out the president Paolo Vazzoler – we will make the leap in quality when we increase our economic potential. And I must say that we are enjoying it a little bit, if I think of some other people who do less and brag more. However we are still here, I remember the 850 subscribers of 2012, those evenings with Capo d’Orlando before Covid stopped everything. Guys, we need people to come back to Palaverde, the team is fun and will challenge anyone, regardless of their coat of arms ».

Clearly awaited for the debut against Menetti of a Nutribullet still a bit enigmatic, whose potential in the pre-season has only been seen at times. «We expect to sweat but also to have fun – promises coach Marcelo Nicola – and to regain communion with the supporters, which Palaverde misses so much. And when the building is full I always get goosebumps. Then, I repeat, we will be the ones to drag the audience, not so much the other way around. I am a citizen of the world, I have coached everywhere but it is clear that I am very happy to go back to Treviso every time ».

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The whole of Treviso Basket is governed by the UniVerso Treviso Consortium, whose president is Piergiorgio Paladin, author of an essay programmatic speech last night that must make us think. «Ok, let’s celebrate this tenth anniversary, it is right and right, but I say that we will have to celebrate the next ten years. And to do this, let’s avoid making the mistakes made in recent months, let’s try to listen to everyone: it’s nice to say that we are a winning model, but let’s not look too much in the mirror. In any case, I can’t wait to start, naturally starting next Saturday ».

Representing the municipality of Treviso was the commissioner Alessandro Manera: “Do you think that the evening of the promotion to A I followed the game from the City Council …”. There were also representatives of Baskettosi, the integrated basketball team (able-bodied and disabled) which has coach, Andrea Carniato and three athletes, Arturo Fasulo, and currently as reserves, Thomas Mies and partner Lorenzo Zamuner, at the World Championships in Berlin. of 2023. Regarding the PDM, wheelchair basketball, which last year as a freshman in Serie A managed to conquer a brilliant fifth place (“but it was an economic bloodbath, company coffers almost dried up”, complained with a smile the president Paolo Barbisan), this year has strengthened with two Australian players.

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