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Twenty-five Tesla potentially under the control of a young hacker

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David Colombo, a 19-year-old self-proclaimed cybersecurity researcher, may have earned the $ 15,000 Tesla rewards those who spot flaws in their car software. The tweet with which the boy made it official that he managed to violate over 25 cars of the American manufacturer in 13 different countries has already been around the world. From Tesla, at least for now, no reaction, although Colombo reported having had contact with the division of the manufacturer that deals with safety. The hacker spotted a new weakness in the system fitted to electric cars, although he explained that it would not affect Tesla’s software or its network. Columbus did not provide too many details, despite the large number of “chirps” connected to his. The young man explained that the leak would make it possible to understand if the driver is on board, to open doors and windows, to start the car and disable the safety systems. According to the young hacker, who admitted not being able to remotely take control of the car when it is in motion, the greatest risk to the safety of those on board and other road users is linked to the possibility of increasing the stereo volume, to open doors and windows and to turn the headlights on and off while driving. According to his tweets, only a few means would be subject to the intrusion, even if he did not specify how many.

This isn’t the first time Tesla has been hacked, although the company has often managed to exploit cases of hacking to its advantage. Elon Musk and his group have always declared their willingness to collaborate, as in 2017, with researchers from Tencenter Keen Security Lab who had transformed Model X into a light installation.

Researchers-hackers take control (remotely) of the Tesla Model X

Mattia Eccheli

Or like this summer, on the occasion of the Pwn2Own contest encouraged by Tesla herself, when the experts Ralf-Philipp Weinmann and Benedikt Schmotzle had taken control of the infotainment systems of some parked models via wifi using a drone.

The manufacturer, moreover, offers a series of remote functions for the management of vehicles which, also for this reason, are more exposed. Functions “blessed” in 2017, on the occasion of Hurricane Irma. Thanks to the over-the-air (OTA) update system, Tesla had temporarily extended the autonomy of the Model S and X with 60 kWh battery of the residents in the areas affected by the very strong tropical storm that had swept the part by about sixty kilometers. southern and Atlantic United States. Once the emergency was over, the manufacturer had restored the original software.

Film and email behind the wheel, Mercedes S-Class and EQS first in the world to receive authorization for autonomous driving level 3

Mattia Eccheli

Safety has also been contested on this front several times, albeit sometimes for the videos that some of its customers have circulated online, for example while reading the newspaper without holding the wheel. Mercedes-Benz has just surpassed Tesla on this front by obtaining approval for the new S-Class and its electric version, the EQS, of a level 3 system, the first legally recognized, which allows you to watch a movie or shop at the guide.

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