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Two arrests after Cobra operation in Pattigham at the “Hells Angels” clubhouse

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Two arrests after Cobra operation in Pattigham at the “Hells Angels” clubhouse

The police special task force Cobra was deployed on Friday evening in a clubhouse of the “Hells Angels” motorcycle club in Pattigham, Ried district.

“I can confirm the operation,” said Alois Ebner, spokesman for the Ried public prosecutor’s office on Friday evening in response to an OÖN request. “For tactical reasons, I can’t say more at the moment. When the time comes, there will be a press release from the state police department,” said Ebner.

Two arrest warrants

This Saturday there was a brief information from the police press office. “After a previous protection racket and dangerous threats in the Ried district, the Ried public prosecutor ordered two arrest orders, which were carried out. There were also several house searches at various locations throughout Germany. For tactical reasons, no further information can be provided at the moment,” it said the police.

Mayor: “It’s not nice”

On Saturday, the mayor of the 1,075-inhabitant community of Pattigham, Johann Urwanisch (VP), commented on the incidents: “It’s not nice for our town,” said Urwanisch, “it’s unpleasant when Pattigham makes the headlines with such an issue device”. The clubhouse used to be an inn and is located right in the center, right next to the church. The facade is adorned with a winged skull, and instead of an inn it reads “Angel Place”. Around 2005, perhaps a little later, the Hells Angels probably bought the former “Rabauer-Innkeeper”. After a few years there was the first raid, but according to Urwanisch no weapons were found. Since then, things have been quiet around the clubhouse. There is little contact with the local population, although some members of the association have their main residence in Pattigham. During the week there is at most one motorcycle in front of the house, once a month on “Open Day” there are more. But there are no abnormalities, says Urwanisch, and even if there are, the executive branch is called upon anyway.

Connection to incident in September?

The operation could also possibly have something to do with suspected incidents in a dance hall in the Ried district. As the OÖN reported on September 23rd, several people are said to have attacked a manager at the restaurant. At that time there was talk of protection money demands from a rocker association. At the time, public prosecutor’s spokesman Ebner only confirmed in response to OÖN’s request that there had been an incident in the restaurant in question.

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