Home News Two attempted robberies and an escape: he gets away with 7 months and 10 days

Two attempted robberies and an escape: he gets away with 7 months and 10 days

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Two attempted robberies and an escape: he gets away with 7 months and 10 days
Paolo Menoncello, former sales agent

Former sales agent Paolo Menoncello is on the road after the pandemic. He failed two assaults: one at the country post office and the other at a bank in Quinto

TREVISO. First he had attempted a post office robbery and then a bank robbery. Attempts failed miserably in March 2021 but in both cases he was pardoned by avoiding jail. After having tried in vain to attack the country post office, he had remedied a complaint on the loose. For this reason, a few days later he tried a second shot, this time in the bank in Quinto but even from there he came out empty-handed.

The deeds of Paolo Menoncello, sixty, a former commercial agent who ended up on the pavement due to Covid, did not end. Because he, put under house arrest, he thought it best to break the precautionary measure by leaving the house to go shopping for his mother. Caught again by the carabinieri, the doors of the Santa Bona prison opened for Menoncello where he remained there for a few days. On Thursday morning, in court, the former commercial agent (defended by the lawyer Federico Vianelli) settled the last pending bill with the justice system. After having already negotiated 6 months and 20 days for the two attempted robberies, on Thursday he closed by continuously negotiating another 20 days for evasion from house arrest. Seven months and 10 days in total for two attempted robberies and an escape.

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Menoncello had made headlines last year when a double robbery attempt failed within four days, first at the country post office and then at the Volksbank branch in Quinto di Treviso. «Until recently» Menoncello said in an interview with the Tribuna «to leave the house I was wearing a jacket and tie, the other day I found myself trying on a balaclava. I looked at the man in the mirror and wondered who he was. Now by the law I am a robber, in reality I am just a desperate person ».

Before the pandemic Menoncello earned more than two thousand euros a month, in 2020 he had halved his earnings. «With the VAT number» he had said «it’s hard to resist. People have no more money and no longer trust anyone. With door to door it’s tough. No contracts, no money ».

The prosecutor, after the failed assault on the country post office, had “pardoned” him, leaving him free. But after the second attempted robbery and an escape from home, the doors of the Santa Bona prison opened. «I would like to apologize to everyone, to the employees of the post office and the bank. I would like to tell them that I am not a robber, I am just a desperate person who no longer sees the horizon », concluded the interview. Now, for him, the accounts with justice are closed, among other things by setting a minimum penalty for the three crimes committed.

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